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June 05, 2020, 10:46:33 pm

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Topic: 318: Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee  (Read 5167 times)


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318: Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee #75
In extended universe stuff it was theorized that the force was used subconsciously constantly during lightsaber combat to keep the practitioners from accidentally cutting off their own legs or whatever when swinging around a weapon that can cut through anything, as well as intercept and usefully deflect laser blasts. Now that I've written this I am full of shame.
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318: Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee #76
The biggest problem with the EU- and nerd discussion in general- is that the story is SUPPOSED to inspire questions of heroism and redemption and why Imperialism Bad, but apparently for a lot of fans the important thing to question is "Why would Han Solo say parsecs, which is a length measure? I MUST CLOSE THIS PLOT HOLE WITH SCIENCE! Which is definitely what the creators were focused on!"

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318: Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee #77
Flizzards: A Hutt expletive, as in "just who in the flizzards are you?"[143]

What the…: Exclamation used all over the galaxy.[108]

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318: Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee #78
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318: Wookiee Ookiee Ookiee #79
I get sad remembering the many lives lost during the American Cuy'val Dar. :(