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296: SWORDS!!!

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Sherman Tank:
1) What if my favorite anime character's weapon isn't a sword?
2) Where's Tommy's reader credit?

TAG SUGGESTIONS!!!::: "anime", "beware of crime", "conservatives", "consumer culture", "fantasies", "my fedora makes bitches wet", "oh you must be a killer", "paranoia", "rednecks", "reviews", "straight edge", "teenagers", "there are better ways to kill yourself"

396: SWORDS!!!

I like the method of bypassing the 300 problem but it seems shortsighted to accelerate the 400 problem.


Tag suggestion: "Spaghetti Time"


Lemon, February 03, 2019, 10:22:18 am
--- End quote ---

Perfect timing, saw this in the hopper the other day and was like "Oooh!"


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