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Seth "Slimy" Rollins:
Julie Taymor is one of the worst directors alive when it comes to film adaptations of plays, especially her Shakespeare productions. It's clear she has little to no respect of her source material, and while I kind of doubt it, I think she wants her films to be more about how 'unique' she is instead of the actual text itself. Her version of Titus Andronicus, which is kind of a silly play already, still has a lot of both confusing and laughable moments that really make it off-putting and distracting. She also sucks at set design, since her versions of both Titus and The Tempest feature sets that are either distractingly sparse (where your eye is drawn to the empty space rather than the actors) or just completely cluttered, and in Titus especially, it doesn't know if it wants to be facist brutalism or something that can only be described as 'sports bar designed by serial killer'. Both of those can be used to great effect in Titus Andronicus, but it switches between the two so much, without any real pattern or feeling like it's tied to either group of characters. There's also the fact that she's almost certainly a racist, or at least somewhat adjacent to them, as Titus Andronicus was co-produced by Steve Fucking Bannon and her version of The Tempest has Caliban played by a black man with vitiligo. It's such a confusing and off-putting choice, since Caliban is supposed to be an awful fish monster who gets addicted to alcohol. For fuck's sake, Julie, you love making weird monsters - you made the modern version of The Lion King, after all - couldn't you have done something more interesting than just Black Guy?

symbaroum really fucked up by giving enemies the same rules as pcs, settings good but do it in Shadow of the Demon Lord or The One Ring

That black 4wd that just drove past was going too fast and shouldn’t have honked. Ruined the ambience of the cider I’m drinking.

Gum companies should put the paper back on the outside of the foil of the gum so you can make those lariats with them.

Too many ASMR videos are massively overproduced. The popular 'studio quality' channels have gradually distanced themselves from the more nostalgic, casual intimacy that the genre began with. Humbler channels continue to exist, but they either peter out or steadily grow to be just as commercialized as the top channels which then causes them to develop the same airbrushed, impersonal qualities as said popular channels.

I think I might be an ASMR hipster.


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