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Is it too soon to ask about F Plus Live 8?

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My gf wants us to fly to Minnesota sometime during or at the end of the summer and I figured if we're gonna plan for that I can't not try to make it to F Plus Live.
Is it too soon to estimate when and where it'll take place?

Please say September in Minnesota!

jack chick:
Gonna be September in Haifa, Israel.

(i don't know anything)

Shell Game:
Gonna be September, in Portland.
jack chick, February 17, 2019, 10:50:04 am
--- End quote ---

Make this the truth Jack Chick. Imagine... Just. Rollin' out of bed and being like "Damn. So stoked. Ready for this!" Ignore those detractors crying "not another west coast show!" They just don't want you to live your best life...

whens the stadium tour?

Agent Coop Time!:
I'm already tape trading


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