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September 22, 2020, 09:13:46 pm

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Topic: Episode 229: The Space In Our Planet  (Read 12275 times)


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Episode 229: The Space In Our Planet #45
Thanks had no idea there was such a conspiracy on the topic. Since nasa said there was hydrocarbosns on other "planet" I have always thought it to be strange. Cause prior "science" has told it to be a finit amount and that we are running out. Now its all over the universe. come on.. they are so backwards and confused, just making up bs on the fly. like cuting puzzle peaces to fis into place.
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Episode 229: The Space In Our Planet #46
Oh hey, I can cross World Ice Theory off my references to Nazi-supported theories bingo card!
SHERMAN TANK EXPLOSION!!, October 08, 2016, 02:06:27 pm

How have I never heard of this before? It reads like some bizarre alternate-reality fiction.


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Episode 229: The Space In Our Planet #47
So, I was re-listening to this episode today and, in an attempt to figure out what the hell any of the people on that forum were talking about, decided to do some Googling to see if anyone else was talking about this Steven Christopher fellow and his nutty ideas.

I found out he was arrested back in October for threatening to kill the president...

Comparing the photos to the Youtube videos as well as the fact that the only comment is a guy accusing the reporter of silencing the science of the concave Earth leads me to believe this is definitely our guy.

So not only has he now been arrested for threatening to kill the president, this is apparently not the first time this has happened to him nor the first president he's threatened!
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Episode 229: The Space In Our Planet #48