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March 29, 2020, 07:02:04 pm

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Topic: Garbage Day 2019 - May 18  (Read 11158 times)


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Garbage Day 2019 - May 18 #135
I wanted to make sure you got something cool for donating a boatload of money, even if it wasn't from a Rediculist. I did get to listen to Sewer Surfin' while giggling to myself in a coffee shop, so win-win.
Bobguinary Novel, June 20, 2019, 08:14:03 pm
How did you know that Sewer Surfin' was my favorite song from the Turtles in Time soundtrack?

* This is a rhetorical question, it is because it is the best song on the Turtles in Time soundtrack..
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Garbage Day 2019 - May 18 #136
I didn't know the F+ was doing a tour in my town! Excited to go.

Thanks, Jack Chick!
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Garbage Day 2019 - May 18 #137
Got bored on my lunchbreak so I ran the Lar songs through Microsoft Songsmith

Wonder If

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