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July 14, 2020, 11:22:39 pm

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Topic: Ten Terrible Years  (Read 3427 times)


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Ten Terrible Years #15
thanks for this, wrought. the internet is a weird, wide, wonderful place and i'm glad we have a community dedicated to preserving every last bad post
Seth "Slimy" Rollins, October 02, 2019, 12:56:50 pm

But they haven't done a ballp.it episode yet????
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Ten Terrible Years #16
Holy shit.  Thank you Wrought and Chai Tea Latte for the most wonderfully amazing and unexpected presents.

On the other hand, that video made me remember the quicksand people, so . . . ugh.
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Ten Terrible Years #17
I just changed the first link in the thefpl.us sidebar.
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Ten Terrible Years #18
Filling in time between new episodes, I have been going backwards through the F Plus catalogue, catching up on all the years that I have missed. So it was pretty special to hear "my dad is such a dick! He doesn't want to fuck me any more" and the pang of recognition as I had listened to that one just last week.

Happy birthday F-plus! I have only regretted listening to a few particular episodes.
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Ten Terrible Years #19
What a wonderful thing to do for the podcast, a jewel among ballpit snakes!


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Ten Terrible Years #20
This is amazing. I've only listened for a few of these years and am slowly going through the backlog and there's still so much more! Happy birthday F Plus!
Dr. Buttplug