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I like biking home while drunk.

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Hi, I'm Lemon. I love riding my bike while drunk.

Now, I'm going to be honest with you: Originally I planned to write a long post explaining exactly how much fun it is to ride home while drunk. I was going to explain why I like it so much, and then go on to explain my particular methodology for a pleasurable drunk ride home (short answer: avoid cars, take the long way) and encourage you to do the same.

However, that plan has been compromised on account of me being drunk.

So instead, here's the pertinent details:

* Riding a bike while drunk is the best.
* No really, it's really good
* You should really do it if you can.
* Try to avoid busy streets.
* Ride a bike while drunk.
* I couldn't be clearer about this.
* Ride a bike drunk, like tonight. Or tomorrow.
* Okay good night.

you know what they say, bike drunk edit sober

chai tea latte:
It's amazing. One time I was riding home drunk from a party and I felt a truly Sublime energy connecting me to the bike, the breeze, and the sheer joy of physical activity. It is so damn good!

jack chick:
please don't operate a vehicle drunk.

Bobguinary Novel:
Don't worry, the fences are there to catch him


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