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July 10, 2020, 07:51:37 am

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Topic: 314: Too Many Pumps  (Read 2233 times)


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314: Too Many Pumps #15
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314: Too Many Pumps #16
So, having had some time to mull over this episode, I have to say I'm surprised at how different the overall philosophy of this site is compared to thundersplace.org from episode 141. Going in I expected a lot more of the same general insecurities as we saw at Thunder's ("I must increase the size of my penis because that is the thing I have tied my entire self worth to!) but instead the general sense I got from the subjects in this episode was less that they were trying to cover for insecurities and more that sticking their dick in a vacuum pump was just their fetish.

There were some offhand mentions of people trying to achieve a particular size and making dicks bigger was definitely a thing, but it felt like a bigger dick was less of an end goal and more just part of the fetish roller coaster ride. Very strange how two different communities can have such radically different attitudes to basically the same subject matter.
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314: Too Many Pumps #17
Whoa, the story in the doc about the guy who cooked the inside of his balls!


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314: Too Many Pumps #18
I have to quote Frank West in this episode: "WHY DID I CLICK?!" Page 9 Dick to my Chin guy is still at it, despite having what is apparently a catastrophic dick blowout. Seriously, it looks like there's a giant, potato-shaped tumor growing on the base of his dick. And apparently he doesn't consider that a problem either, since he's using that pic as his avatar now.
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