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October 29, 2020, 06:14:46 pm

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Topic: 320: BBB BBB BBB Bind.  (Read 3913 times)


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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind.
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #1


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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #2
This really is a sequel to that spiritual warfare episode back in the early days! BBBBBB!!!
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #3
The Spruce Gucifer
episode over. we have a winner


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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #4
I'll r-r-r-r-r-remit you...
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #5
We’ve seen overlap between fundies and tinfoil hats in episodes before, but I think this is the craziest and most elaborate it’s ever been.
It’s always fun in these conspiracy episodes to try to figure out what’s untreated schizophrenia and what’s just a complete lack of critical thinking but in this case I think all the religious indoctrination makes it literally impossible to tell - there’s no functional difference when you’re this deep

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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #6
Why is Microsoft Songsmith not employed in every episode of F Plus Podcast?
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #7
I'll r-r-r-r-r-remit you...
SHAMBA~1.SBB, March 23, 2020, 05:16:45 pm
I'm so glad SOMEONE said it
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #8
spoilers for kingdom hearts behind the cut below if you give a shit about that

in kingdom hearts the letter x quite literally functions as a fucking portal that the bad guys can look through and a 'plot twist' in one of the games is that the main character, who recieved a new outfit with an x on it, has been doing what they want the whole time because THEY LITERALLY WERE WATCHING HIM THROUGH A LETTER X ON HIS SHIRT BECAUSE KINGDOM HEARTS IS JUST THAT KIND OF SERIES

anyway having that knowledge rattling around in my head listening to the back half of this episode was, uh, certainly an experience


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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #9
I've been trying for hours to think of a joke or quip that would adequately convey my love of WHALE!, but I can't. Just... just WHALE!, as a shorthand prayer to call a divine sperm whale down to fight witchcraft on your behalf. WHALE! I love it so much.
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #10
The whole cast was amazing, but Nutshell and Portaxx had a particularly fantastic dynamic.
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #11
Simply amazing, thank you.

Also, I looked and found several videos on their youtube page are still up, where we can learn how to drive to work (@13min)

and that Homestar Runner is an agent of the Gweat Awchitect
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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #12
I like that Bluebeam is apparently causing all the demons? PDF Editing software: The Devil honestly checks out.

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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #13
the part with lemon and microsoft songsmith was virtually indisgtinguishable from any given Listener song


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320: BBB BBB BBB Bind. #14
I was going to make a joke about Bachman-Turner Overdrive's 1974 hit "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" was effective at fighting demons because of the "B-B-B-Baby" in the chorus, but then I remembered that was the song that kept inexplicably coming up on the David Icke forums in episode 211.

"What is Bachman-Turner Overdrive doing to people?", indeed...