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January 27, 2021, 05:28:58 am

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Topic: 323: Do The Dishes, Charles  (Read 2792 times)

Dr. Buttplug

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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #15
So good. The serial masturbator and the goat blood shaming bit had me belly laughing in the cafeteria at work. Left me wanting more.
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A Meat

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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #16
Minion's Wake and Bullysses was a weird and confusing thing I understood very little of, and I feel like it's a thing written by a M.A. english lit student in an attempt to seem like a good writer like all those video game poems
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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #17
Please, that's clearly an MFA candidate's work.
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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #18
This episode is so good. The "christian college" story made me completely lose my shit laughing.

Honestly makes me wonder how much these people can take.
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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #19
i think this sentiment has already been expressed, but holy shit this episode is so good

not to single anyone out, but Adam's "Charles, I am going to the Opera now" bit, goddamn
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A Meat

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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #20
can I just say that the nerdlinger going to beethoven's 3rd symphony "eroica" is funny to me because the second movement has been used for funerals and stuff, which is when Charles lost interest
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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #21
There are a lot of good lines in this episode, but I was excessively amused by Lemon's little "I'm bored of myself" during one of his readings, because I often wonder how these interminable Reddit OPs don't get bored of themselves halfway through these posts.
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A Meat

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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #22
gotta admit, I'd probably watch the first few episodes of "Drac and the Mean Girls"
Puppy Time

Puppy Time

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323: Do The Dishes, Charles #23
I think the thing that stuck out to me about a lot of these stories, and probably a major contributor to Redditors' general inability to tell a good story, was the complete inability of any of the posters to distinguish between the severity of their individual grievances. The most obvious instance was probably the "D&D Ruined my Life" guy, but I think the most alarming was the first one Adam read: The majority of it featured the original poster feeling guilty about finding her roommate overbearing, being annoyed that he sometimes uses her stuff, and generally presenting the situation like a general conflict between him being more extroverted than she's used to. Then in the middle she casually mentions that he frequently gets drunk and gets creepily over-familiar and tries to rub her feet, but gives this detail the same gravitas as him using her toothpaste and immediately moves along to other, more bmonster cock concerns.

One of those points is way more alarming and creepy than the others, and I don't feel like the original poster realizes that and it concerns me...
KingKalamari, May 21, 2020, 08:34:59 pm

From reading a shitload of r/relationships, a lot of people* on reddit seem to have not been raised with a sense of appropriate boundaries, and will reach alarming levels of "well, I don't like this, but I don't want to rock the boat," up to and including behavior that, in a movie, would have you shouting "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE HE IS GOING TO MURDER YOU!"

*Particularly women, but plenty of men as well
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