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October 24, 2020, 08:38:07 pm

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Topic: Just an update on things!  (Read 1314 times)

Standplaats Kraków

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Just an update on things! #15
Take care, man. Rooting for you.

A Meat

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Just an update on things! #16
Have as good of a time as you can muster on this hell of an earth, and keep on taking care of yourself


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Just an update on things! #17
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Just an update on things! #18
Take care and be well, STOG. Reach out if you ever want to talk about ASD and depression, as I've been bathing in those waters for a long, long time.
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Just an update on things! #19
STOG, you're probably the most relatable ridiculist of the bunch. the way you talk to the others, your quips and quirks, they're all something that i see in myself. and it has always meant a lot to me to be able to listen to someone who talks like i do, to people who don't totally get it but still love it. to put it simply, you're hilarious and relatable. thanks for being you.

the past few months have been really weird for everyone, but i'm glad you've started to piece things together. depression is awful, anxiety is awful. ASD is...not awful, just a unique experience. it has its not so nice side but there's plenty to embrace, too. the clarity that comes with a diagnosis in adulthood is really something.

it's been a joy to listen to you for the past few years. i hope you find success with your new job, and that things get easier for you now that you have some answers.

p.s. i also ride my bike at night except i play pokemon go at the same time and blast breakcore on my speaker

p.p.s. lifting 100 pounds of paper? gimme your workout routine dude
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John Toast

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Just an update on things! #20
There's a lot I want to say, but for now I'll just say this: every game of TF2, every recording of the podcast and every time we hung out in person has been a delight. I'm so glad you're finding what works for you, man. Keep it up.
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Shell Game

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Just an update on things! #21
We've stumbled upon about the same comorbidity regarding mental health in recent months it seems. We're absolutely different people with different things going on, but all of that in the here and now with all that's happening is... soul draining and hard to cope with.

I'm really glad you're looking out for yourself, stog. It's important to know what you need and i hope giving yourself the space to breathe helps.

Always gonna appreciate the time you've shared with us. You'll always be in our hearts, rhyming with dog.

(PS, you helped clean up the cuts and scrapes on my arms at first live. I still think about that. Always end that thought with "stog's a swell guy." That isn't really relevant to anything else, i just wanted to share it.)
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Just an update on things! #22
Wherever you go in this life, and whatever great things you do, just remember: cover the interior of your car with plastic in case you vomit.
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Just an update on things! #23
I'm pretty new on here, but I've been listening to you guys for ages and your weird off-kilter humor has always been great.

Joining in with a hearty Thanks, STOG,
Immoral Filth NutshellGulag

jacklemore & ryan lewis

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Just an update on things! #24
Stay true, metal warrior. I'm confident your path will end in victory. I am here as a resource if'n you should ever want it.
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Immoral Filth

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Just an update on things! #25
Thank you, STOG. You were the best.

Dragon Friend

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Just an update on things! #26
I’ve always really appreciated your jokes, even if they’re incomprehensible to everyone else. Keep on keeping on, STOG.
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Just an update on things! #27
Thanks for the laughs, STOG! Happy Birthday!


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Just an update on things! #28
Good luck and great health to you STOG!


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Just an update on things! #29
stog wiedersehen
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