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October 24, 2020, 01:22:27 pm

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Topic: Just an update on things!  (Read 1306 times)


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Just an update on things! #30
Sweet Baby Stog.  I remember you from even before Turtle was recording our dumb asses.
Loved the first Live event where you supposedly tried to introduce yourself by your real name. 
The reply was a resounding "Nope, you are always and forever STOG"

There is only one Stog. So it is vitally important that Stog takes good care of his beautiful Stoggy self. 

Good luck with everything you do in life, baby.  Get better and stay better.
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Just an update on things! #31
Thanks, STOG! I hope everything goes well for you. Your work on the podcast really helped me out last fall when I was going through some shit and needed a laugh, and I appreciated it a lot.
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Just an update on things! #32
I think this song puts it best.

Have a great time doing your stuff, Stog. You own.
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Just an update on things! #33
Hey Stog. I liked all your bits. They're good bits. I'm glad you're going out and finding the things you enjoy, never stop doing that.
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Just an update on things! #34
Thank you for all the work and joy you put into the podcast, STOG.

I'll see you around in the chat room during TruthPoint, or wherever else I may run into you. Don't be a stranger!


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Just an update on things! #35
Stog, you are a lovely person, and I'm glad to have gotten the chance to meet you. Your health and happiness are very important. Getting an ASD diagnosis isn't so bad; it explains some stuff and helps give you a new framework to work with. I'm so glad that things are picking up for you. Podcasting and playing video games with you has always been a joy. We are all here for you if you ever need us! GO! BE FREEEEEEEE! :)
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Just an update on things! #36
I just got back from vacation, and this post is literally the first thing I've read on the internet in over a week.  I would post another missive echoing those of all the other ridiculists, telling STOG what his friendship has meant to me the last 10+ years, but I note that STOG hasn't logged in since he made his final post.  So instead I am posting what immediately came to mind:
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Just an update on things! #37
Did STOG delete his Discord account? I can't find him on there anymore.

Victor Laszlo

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Just an update on things! #38
If you've ever had the privilege of coming to an F Plus Live, you know that the day after the event there is a karaoke party.  You may not know that the songs that STOG sings are never songs that STOG chose himself.  Rather, several of us found it entertaining to sign him up to sing something that struck us funny.  He would learn which song he was singing at the same time the audience would.  He may not have ever heard the song he was about to sing, but he would always go up and sing his heart out in that inimitable STOG way.  Thus, for example, three years ago an inside joke turned into STOG singing "Call Me Maybe".

I have occasionally found myself hearing a song on the 'radio' and thinking how fun it would be to have STOG sing that song at the next F Plus Live.  To stave off covid boredom I began compiling a list.  I was going to choose my eventual favorite and put him in the queue to sing it for my own personal amusement at the next show.  Now I realize that this dream, like so many others, will go unfulfilled.  But the list still exists, and there is no reason not to share it.  So in no particular order, here are the songs I have considered for STOG to sing at F Plus Live:

No Scrubs - TLC
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
Radar Love - Golden Earring
Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins
When Doves Cry - Prince
Me So Horny - 2 Live Crew
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Just an update on things! #39
I've been trying to think of what to say but eh, my words are useless. Just keep doing Stog things in a Stog way that really Stogs your Stog, Stog.
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Just an update on things! #40
you can't mention STOG, f plus live, and karaoke without mentioning this: