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January 22, 2021, 10:29:40 pm

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Topic: Garbage Day 2020  (Read 6777 times)


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Garbage Day 2020 #105
so.... is there a mr anthro mushroom cloud?

Shame Boi

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Garbage Day 2020 #106
I was very impressed and genuinely kinda horrified with the result. When I first came up with the idea my mental image of it was basically just a mushroom cloud stock photo with sexy legs photoshopped on. From that I was more or less expecting a simple goofy joke picture, but KingKalamari really went all-in and created something that's terrifyingly believable. You're incredibly talented, and also an awful, awful monster. Thanks a bunch!

Oh and if anyone was wondering, the rainbow one was the result of me specifically requesting that one of them be a "mushroom-cloud-sona". So now that thought is in your head, you're welcome.
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Garbage Day 2020 #107
Bunnybread donned his white trimmed speedo and Santa hat to give me my song for Christmas. It is amazing but I'm not sure how to share it with y'all.

I did just want to say, thanks Bunnybread!
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Garbage Day 2020 #108
You're quite welcome, Doc. I'm sharing the two songs, below.  Thank you again for donating, everyone.




Man, getting Steampunk Opera as a genre requirement really did a number on me. 
Puppy Time

The Killer Dynamo

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Garbage Day 2020 #109
Ladies, gentlemen, and etcs, I am happy to report that I finally received my reward today. Thank you, 2020 USPS, for you have proven once and for all that the rock........ cannot be stopped.
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Great Joe

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Garbage Day 2020 #110
I got my rock last Tuesday, and it's beautiful. Thank you!
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