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November 28, 2020, 05:12:43 am

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Topic: what's your poison (and by poison i mean delicious alcohol)  (Read 53376 times)


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I want to like gin, since I like herbal flavored stuff. The problem is I don't like the taste of pine and every gin I've ever had is dominated by the flavor of pine. Are there any good gins out there (preferably cheap) that don't really taste like pine?
Hoffgod, January 30, 2020, 05:21:23 pm

Roku, the gin I mentioned up-thread, is a Japanese gin with a different blend of botanicals that I think better compliment the juniper. This listicle also gives some suggestions.


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So I LOVE cocktails.
And now that I have a proper kitchen and I can't go to bars (I mean I COULD because this country is dumb but I won't because I'm a little less dumb) I decided to pick up making cocktails myself.
I bought some supplies and a mint plant, logged into makemeacocktail.com, and started mixing.
It was mostly bland at first, but I'm getting better each day to the point where I can supplement some tastes by feel. Here's what I made so far:

Jamaican Orange (Great!)
1   part rum
3   part lemonade
1/2   orange juice

Cuba Libre Cream Soda (Good and sweet)
20 ml    Lemon Juice
45 ml    Dark Rum
125 ml    Cream Soda

Rum Collins (It's meh)
1   Lime Juice
60 ml   White Rum
Top up   Soda Water
1 ml   Sugar

Fitzgerald (Not bad)
22.5 ml   Lemon Juice
22.5 ml   Sugar Syrup
2 dashes   Angostura Bitter
60 ml   Dry Gin

Juan Collins (VERY good!)
1parts   Lemon Juice
1dash   Soda Water
2parts   Tequila
1parts   Sugar Syrup

Fidel Castro (Refreshing!)
1 part   lime juice
4 parts   rum
8 parts   ginger beer

Ginger Mojito (My favorite so far)
15 ml   Lime Juice
8   Mint Leaves
½   Lime
150 ml   Ginger Beer
Teaspoon   Sugar
30 ml   Rum

Rum Punch (Sweet and great!)
22.5 ml   Lime Juice
Substitution: Lime
45 ml   Sugar Syrup
3 ml   Angostura Bitter
67.5 ml   Rum

Copper Gin (basically gin and tonic with ginger ale instead of tonic)
180 ml   Ginger Ale
45 ml   Gin
5 ml   Angostura Bitter

I also tried (and failed) for a regular mojito (crushed ice is essential, it turns out, and I don't have a mixer yet).
As you can tell I mostly enjoy rum, but I'll try and mix it up some more as soon as I get some better stuff.
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Been making black rose tea, mixing with whiskey and a splash of lemon, drinking hot. Real good shit.

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constantly drinking litres and litres of decaf green tea with honey, no whiskey