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June 21, 2021, 05:42:52 am

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Topic: what's your poison (and by poison i mean delicious alcohol)  (Read 61511 times)


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So I LOVE cocktails.
And now that I have a proper kitchen and I can't go to bars (I mean I COULD because this country is dumb but I won't because I'm a little less dumb) I decided to pick up making cocktails myself.
I bought some supplies and a mint plant, logged into makemeacocktail.com, and started mixing.
It was mostly bland at first, but I'm getting better each day to the point where I can supplement some tastes by feel. Here's what I made so far:

Jamaican Orange (Great!)
1   part rum
3   part lemonade
1/2   orange juice

Cuba Libre Cream Soda (Good and sweet)
20 ml    Lemon Juice
45 ml    Dark Rum
125 ml    Cream Soda

Rum Collins (It's meh)
1   Lime Juice
60 ml   White Rum
Top up   Soda Water
1 ml   Sugar

Fitzgerald (Not bad)
22.5 ml   Lemon Juice
22.5 ml   Sugar Syrup
2 dashes   Angostura Bitter
60 ml   Dry Gin

Juan Collins (VERY good!)
1parts   Lemon Juice
1dash   Soda Water
2parts   Tequila
1parts   Sugar Syrup

Fidel Castro (Refreshing!)
1 part   lime juice
4 parts   rum
8 parts   ginger beer

Ginger Mojito (My favorite so far)
15 ml   Lime Juice
8   Mint Leaves
½   Lime
150 ml   Ginger Beer
Teaspoon   Sugar
30 ml   Rum

Rum Punch (Sweet and great!)
22.5 ml   Lime Juice
Substitution: Lime
45 ml   Sugar Syrup
3 ml   Angostura Bitter
67.5 ml   Rum

Copper Gin (basically gin and tonic with ginger ale instead of tonic)
180 ml   Ginger Ale
45 ml   Gin
5 ml   Angostura Bitter

I also tried (and failed) for a regular mojito (crushed ice is essential, it turns out, and I don't have a mixer yet).
As you can tell I mostly enjoy rum, but I'll try and mix it up some more as soon as I get some better stuff.
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Vinny Possum

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Been making black rose tea, mixing with whiskey and a splash of lemon, drinking hot. Real good shit.

chai tea latte

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constantly drinking litres and litres of decaf green tea with honey, no whiskey