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What's up with your username?

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Every username's got a story behind it. This is a thread for explaining how you ended up with the handle you go by.

This came up in my intro thread, but I'll tell it again and expand on it to get the ball rolling. Back when I was about 11 or so, I wanted to give a character I was drawing a cool name that sounded vaguely fantasy-Japanese without specifically being Japanese, because I was a baby weeaboo. I had the general idea of how syllables fit together for the language, and a general idea that 'maru' was an archaic name-ending that also sounded pretty badass, so I cobbled together "Ansemaru" without any particular regard for what it even could mean.

It could have ended there, but a couple years later I found myself in need of a username for a Deviantart account, and really wanted something that didn't have any numbers or underscores in it so I could sound vaguely unique and respectable. Lo and behold, I had a cool-sounding but nonsense name all lined up! Ever since then, it's sort of been my go-to username on websites, due to the fact that it's never taken and sounds cool.

As a side-note, the character I named that? The character in my icon. Some things never change, I guess.

- i wanted something ungoogleable
- i was in a captain n phase

Yeah, I wanted a name which would sound to the uninformed like I probably thought it up myself, but then when they go to Google it they just find a ton of shit about a city they didn't know existed.

Goose Goose Honk At Me Now:
Some species of squids have elbows. This is clearly for hugging.

(My steam and Minecraft profiles are both Cuddlegoose because a few years ago I was desperately sick with a chest cold that left me incapable of producing any sound except a honk, and also because my down comforter ripped and I kept waking up out of fever dreams with feathers sticking to me.)

I'm just your common or garden variety Lovecraft nerd, as the Deep One plushie, the multiple Lovecraft anthologies and the painting on my wall  of my room titled "Innsmouth Family Portrait" can attest. Being white, I spend a lot of time justifying this to myself and to others, but not as much as I did during the heyday of Internet Social Justice when I took everything I read at face value. Also, despite having completed 1.5 English Literature degrees I still haven't managed to write a paper on anything Lovecraftian, though I will be doing my thesis on Robert Chambers of The King in Yellow fame, who despite proceeding Lovecraft by a number of years and having fuck-all to do with his social circle is obviously very affiliated with the Mythos by now.


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