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So if you've made a post yet, you've seen that there was a dropdown for "Message Icon", where you could make your post a piece-of-paper-post, a light-bulb-post, or what have you. You've also probably noticed that there were a lot of goddamn paper posts because everyone just ignored that crap, and well they should.

Boots suggested I replace all the message icons with icons from JustRage, so I did a quick "Time That Would Take Me To Do vs. Time That Would Be Funny For" calculation and rejected it. Message icons have been yanked.
There's still the "normal topic/hot topic/locked topic" icons, because those are useful, but at some point I want them to look more consistent with the earlier icons.

Oh, and you can reply to announcements now.

Sweet! Okay, ignore the broken image link. I'll have these topic images changed in a minute here.

Ahhh, there we go. That's much better UX.

You've probably noticed the change, but I just redid topic icons to fit with the look and feel. This is going to be an ongoing process of going through and remove every icon that's got distracting colors in it. Next up is gonna be the thumbs up/thumbs down thing I repurposed from and those unsightly contact icons.

INCIDENTALLY, if anyone's got a copy of illustrator and wants to lend a hand, I would love to get single color icons for the +1/-1 thing. Currently it's set to "dap" and "punch", so we could play with [fist and fist] & [fist and face], but I'm perfectly content with any other duality you might want to try out. Maybe [handjob] & [groin kick] or [beer] and [poison]? Whatever looks best. The big stipulation is that it has to be single color (black on transparent), and it has to look right at small sizes (26x26, probably).

Let me know, otherwise I'll try to dig something up.

(Oh and the image assets for the topic icons were created by VisualPharm, who make very nice icons indeed.)

Thumbs Up/Down icons changed (temporary, until something better comes along).

And there are now 20 hidden emoticons.


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