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How did you find the F+?

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In the vein of the username thread/my recent questions in the general F+ questions thread, here's a thread for y'all to talk about how you stumbled across this podcast! Should be interesting to see what corners of the internet we all arrived from.

In my case, I found it through guest reader Zarla. She had done a post promoting the podcast with a list of favorite episodes over on Livejournal, and since I was tangentially aware of Portaxx as well through her collaborations with Zarla, I decided to give it a listen. My first episode was the Allrecipes one, and, well... what can I say? I was hooked.

Now it's your turn.

Through watchful-entity, around the time of the multiple systems episode.

It's been so long I can't be sure my memory is correct, but I think someone one SA linked to the dollfucker episode in one of the dollfucker threads. I've been a fan ever since.

Someone (maybe Portaxx?) linked me to it on the old PoE Can't Aim TF2 server.  I'm an old PoE hand but I don't think I ever heard about it over there.

Alpha Starsquatch:
I found it through watchful-entity; specifically through a post where an asexual evangelist was complaining about all the erasure and stuff in the Aces and Cakes episode.


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