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September 22, 2020, 10:43:44 pm

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Topic: How did you find the F+?  (Read 42175 times)


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How did you find the F+? #165
I was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco (about 8 years ago) and my friend put on one of the clown fetish episodes and  I instantly feel in love with the F+!
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Salubrious Rex

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How did you find the F+? #166
I read a tweet by Ironicus or by the F+ twitter which he retweeted about a podcast he was on that almost made him pass out.
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How did you find the F+? #167
Clutching my gay pearls and schaudenfreuding my way through the tumblr asexual community in 2012 brought up the asexual FPlus episode.
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How did you find the F+? #168
I am a fan of the AE podcast. One of the hosts was a guest on I Don't Even Own a Television so I started listening to that show. Lemon was a guest on IDEOATV so I thought I would give F+ a try and here I am, still making my way through the back catalogue while I wait for new episodes.
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floaty ghost

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How did you find the F+? #169
I discovered thefplus late last year. It was fourth branch from my original regular podcast (i guess) love, extra hot great (an irreverent tv podcast w/ 4 friends + guests expressing joy in the wonder of the excellence and absurdity of the content of entertainment) which had as a guest Jeb Lund and David Roth. Jeb and Dave aren't mean is a podcast that reviews and (gently) ridicules Hallmark movies. They had as a guests JW Friedman and Chris Collision of ideotv. I don't even own a television had Lemon as a guest. What sold me on checking out thefplus was their ICP book episode (MMFCL) Lemon did acouple of shorts on. One was a lists of acts performing at one of their festivals/carnivals, in it he mentioned some acts name spelled unnecesarily wrong. I immediately suscribed to the podcast. After the end of spontaneanation I began from episode 1. Then everything changed. I'll never look back.
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jack chick

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How did you find the F+? #170
How did I find the F+?

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How did you find the F+? #171
How did I find the F+?

jack chick, July 13, 2019, 10:34:54 pm

Yet enthusiastic.
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How did you find the F+? #172
My older sister had been listening to the podcast since nearly the beginning, and knew I was into creepypasta so introduced me to that episode right after it came out. I'm not sure exactly how she got into the podcast though, I know she's been into the speed running community for years, The Speed Gamers specifically, so I assume Portaxx or John mentioned The F Plus there at some point.
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Ugly In The Morning

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How did you find the F+? #173
It was mentioned in... I think the TVTropes mock thread on SA? It was the dozerfleet episode. I listened to it then and loved it but wasn’t really doing podcasts at the time.

Then a few months ago I needed something to listen to while I worked some longass night shifts and remembered it existed. I’ve been hooked since.
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