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February 25, 2020, 08:35:02 am

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Topic: Episode 108: The Staind Lyrics In My Signature Will Demonstrate My Intellect  (Read 3077 times)


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  • Miss Priss, I'd like to piss on your coat.
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with Boots Raingear, Jack Chick, John, Nutshell Gulag, STOG, Adam Bozarth, and Lemon.

Edited by STOG

Content for this episode was provided by KR Mitchell

On a planet with a population of 7 billion, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the shortcomings of other people. Hopefully you have friends, loved ones, and a strong vibrant community where you can be a part of a greater whole, providing for others while benefitting from their care. But if there's not the case, there's a lot of other angry idiots on the internet you can shout at. We're looking at whyihatepeople.com, a site where you can complain about the stupidity of others while trying avoid pot/kettle conversations about your own stupidity. This week, The F Plus has been thinking about peeing on your coat.


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My country-ass self is already arguing with the poster who says it takes an absurd amount of wood to heat a tiny house. Insulate your shack better!


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Yeah, wood stoves put out heat like fucking crazy.

jack chick

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Yeah, wood stoves put out heat like fucking crazy.
Isfahan, August 05, 2013, 09:35:01 am

My dad heats his entire house with a wood stove.


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If you skip the stove you can heat up the entire thing even hotter!


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It's like JustRage, only for adults! Maybe.


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adult-shaped beings
Sherman Tank RoeCocoa


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  • a very special episode
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wouldn't maintaining a presence on a website devoted to nothing but expressing how angry/mad you are at People In General be completely exhausting?

i mean damn we all get mildly annoyed from time to time
maybe even outright mad

but this kind of devotion to being mad seems like madness
KR gee golly gosh