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Cause I will.

This is Nuka. She likes eating, snow, mud and getting wet. As you can imagine, she smells most of the time.

This is Cara. She's very old, so she mostly likes sleeping and getting belly scratched. She also loves to rub her head on your lap and get hair all over you.

This is Luru. He likes windows, laps, sleeping in weird places, the PS3, that wardrobe where all the good clothes are and being inside bags.

This is Mökö. He likes food, catnip toys and running around with his furry little cat-toy in the middle of the night when nobody can see him do it.

Does not like: Taking his medicine, taking baths.

Gimme pics of your cute pets.

Zsa Zsa:
A neighbour's cat keeps trying to come into my house, and has started launching vicious cat manoeuvres at me when I try to block his access or put him out. Today he drew blood! I get that it's cold outside but he's being a real bastard. I am no good at furious cat manipulation, can you help me?

Goose Goose Honk At Me Now:
Right now I can't have pets, because I don't have nearly enough money and I don't think I can persuade the landlord to let me have a small animal without paying the full pet fee.

But several years ago I had the best pets ever.

Obi-Wan, left, and Anakin, right (so named because he's the one with the dark streak). They were soft and adorable and really smart. They loved climbing on shoulders and into sleeves.

When they died they were buried with full Jedi honors (read: in a shoebox, with a lego lightsaber in the "coffin"). I still miss them.

This is Osaka. She is my roommate's cat. She will often roll on her belly and look adorably fat and fluffy, but it's a trap.  She only does it so she can smack your hand and hiss.

This is Zoe. Shown here ending her fur to our blankets, she's a loving, snuggly cat, if you are a) my father or b) have her cat brush in hand. If neither are true, then leave the room immediately.

Bastian is my partner's kitty. He's a rescue and as such is a little neurotic, but he's also a person-climber, and a drooler, so I don't mind much. He also likes to bring me socks in the middle of the night, since we no longer live in a place where he can bring me dead lizards in the middle of the night.

I have a westie named Crystal.

She's getting kind of old, and is less comfortable jumping up onto ours beds.  She still likes bunny-hopping through deep snow, and then running around really fast after she gets out of the cold.  She also gets really excited whenever she goes to get her fur trimmed.


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