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April 19, 2019, 06:07:39 pm

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Topic: Brag about your pets  (Read 36410 times)


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Brag about your pets #195
My roommate's dog didn't take super long to warm up to me when I moved in.

He's a pit bull x something mix and he's very sweet and dumb.
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Brag about your pets #196
My budgies are becoming best pals

The bigger one will turn 1 this July, and he lets his smaller companion preen his head and face. That is a sign that budgies are friends

(They're free range birds who always have the cage door open, and get plenty of food. They're just naturally small and big respectively)
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Brag about your pets #197
This is my fur daughter, Derby. She’s the fastest Jack Russell this side of the Mississippi. She is also very big and very tough.

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Brag about your pets #198

We decided to take pictures instead of stopping him, so I can't be too mad.
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Brag about your pets #199
There's so many animals eating straight out of packages! And by so many I mean two.

My dog always had the decency to ask.

I love your shamelessly adorable pets!
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Brag about your pets #200
This is my boy Hatul.
He's an 18 years old Nebelung.
He loves rain puddles.

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Brag about your pets #201

Do you know how hard it is to get a clear photo of a mouse?? They move CONSTANTLY.
Anyway this is Cow Mouse. He is obsessed with sunflower seeds.
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Brag about your pets #202
This is my disaster of a cat I adopted.

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