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December 12, 2019, 01:56:56 am

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Topic: Stumbling across old F+ subjects in my daily life  (Read 59528 times)


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Today I was having a conversation with a guy about a priori truths and then he goes "Do you believe in aliens? I believe in the grays.  Do you think aliens created us to mine gold?  Because i do."


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One of the other nurses I work with just went full-on AboveTopSecret about the Denver International Airport. Or maybe Godlike Productions, since she's a baby boomer whose sanity seems to be wearing a bit thin.


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Where I work (a Walmart), I stumbled across a box of high-class premium mineral water called Acqua Panna. I did a little more digging, and I'm getting some great enjoyment out of reading their website.

For instance, from the pairing section (which has, like, one whole sentence on food pairing):

“Acqua Panna is limpid and luminous and has neither effervescence nor any off-putting odour, and at a first sip has a pleasant, fresh, taste. Acqua Panna is low-acid in type and carries few mineral salts, without however impairing its structure. To the taste it is light and feathery, pleasantly soft and velvety. Acqua Panna shows a perfect balance in all its components, while the sensations induced linger in the nose and mouth for an appreciable period of time.”

Oh, and I kid you not, they have the "Water Codex," which is, honest to Christ, a 187-page book divided into three parts that talks about how to describe the taste of water and how each water differs from one another.

It is sadly not a very classy water, because Amazon sells it in packs of 12 for $49.83, a mere $4.15 per bottle.


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Who else had a moment of freaky internet/real life synchronicity when they read from WikiHow on this week's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me?

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Who else had a moment of freaky internet/real life synchronicity when they read from WikiHow on this week's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me?
🍆, September 13, 2014, 11:10:06 pm
I just posted that in the WikiHow thread. It made me laugh so hard I cried.


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The person at the station next to me at work was listening to No Diggity last week.

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one of my internet friends just "came out" as a multiple and I have no idea what to think of this

He's someone who's dealt with a lot of shit in his life and has a lot of assorted issues and illnesses so it's not entirely surprising he'd eventually go to this as a new coping mechanism (I think right before this he said he was fictionkin) but I still don't know what on earth I can do other than hope he eventually drops it because I know that with all the problems he has, this isn't going to help with much of anything in his life. Plus from what I understand he has issues with depersonalizing from things he's doing and not remembering he did them so I worry this is going to lead into some bad shit of divorcing himself from bad shit he's done or putting less effort into figuring out ways to function with it.

On a weirder note, apparently his mom is taking it in stride and casually asks which "personality" he is if he's acting stranger than usual and also asks if specific personalities would be willing to/better at helping her out with tasks. So at the very least she's so used to him having issues that she's found a way to work with it, although it also means he feels supported in his claim.


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More than anything, The F Plus has occasionally provided a glimpse into the person I once was. A sort of dark mirror of shitty personality traits I hope I never have again.

For part of my life, I had opinions not too dissimilar from some of the "nice guys"/"love shy" guys. In college, I was too afraid to compromise my friendship with a certain girl by asking her out, yet I took it very personally when she got into a relationship with a married man instead of me. I think I actually believed at one point that she liked having nonthreatening men around to tease. In reality, she just never saw me as relationship material, and I never did anything to suggest otherwise. She's since found a much healthier and happier relationship, and I'm mature enough now to feel happy for her rather than bitter. Besides, she introduced me to Terry Pratchett, which is a lovely thing to do for someone.

One thing I still am is an ice chewer. I often worry how close I am to the people in those forums. Yes, different kinds of ice taste different and I don't know why. Yes, I instantly knew what "rabbit turd ice" was and agree that it's one of the better forms of ice to chew (easier on the teeth for one). No, I don't have iron deficiency and no, I've never injured my teeth chewing. I don't chew in public or steal ice from work like the Hamburglar, nor do I find that it's a big enough part of my life to join a dedicated forum. Still, I do have still something in common with a bunch of wackos, so it makes me kind of concerned.

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Not sure if it'd cound as "real life", but I was reading through the backlog of the TV Tropes thread on SA, and suddenly there was a huge derail about the Dozerfleet guy. I read a few pages later, and find out that one of the posters there actually sent the Dozerfleet doc in. Full circle!


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One of the tattooists in the shop I'm in is talking about her experiences squatting


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In November, I was doing a job assessment with a bunch of other people with autism. So part fo me expected some sort of F Plus subject to turn up. Maybe an asexual or a furry, but while I had my suspicions about a couple of them it seemed unlikely.

What I did meet, and didn't expect whatsoever, was a Juggalo. He seemed to use it as a blanket term for fans of horror-rap, and seemed to be more into Slipknot, but he wore a shirt with that ICP running-guy logo on it on the first day. His spiritual beliefs were also rather.... excessive, to say the least (I heard no mention of Shangri-La, though), and he was, like, really into Yu-Gi-Oh. We're talking 'had two decks on him, every day, one of them specifically made to counter the other deck, both of them worth hundreds of dollars'. I know that last one's not an F Plus episode, but I feel like it should be.

Despite all that, he was actually a pretty cool guy, as were most of the people there. I even met another F Plus fan when I used Malatora as a punchline in the first week. I don't know if he's got a ballp.it account, but on the last day he did show me a spreadsheet he's using for an F Plus Cards Against Humanity set. I don't remember much of them, but I remember having a lot of fun matching 'the popularity of Top Gear' to as many cards as possible.

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Just met a girl I have dated when I was 15... (ten years ago). She is a brony, not one of the creepy ones, but she is really into the show and has her own MLP OC. She rejected my offer to listen to the podcast since from my description she thought like "It's negative" and "It criticizes people". Ooookay.

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excuse me, she is a Pegasister, get your terminology correct

also those are entirely valid criticisms of The F Plus and I would not suggest anyone who isn't a fan of negativity and criticism listen to the podcast
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"Are you a fan of negativity and criticism?" seems like a really loaded question.


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I would not suggest anyone who isn't a fan of negativity and criticism listen to the podcast
Mister Smalls, January 07, 2015, 12:02:40 pm

I'd agree with that. Further, I would not suggest you hang out with your ex-girlfriend.