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December 06, 2023, 04:13:33 am

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Topic: Side Projects Quote Thread  (Read 36279 times)

Dr. Buttplug

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Side Projects Quote Thread #45
"If you want the Horse Power, you have to put in the Horse Work." ~Mix, EC ep. One Trick Poney
Salubrious Rex Shell Game

chai tea latte

  • TheftBot is, simply put, a fully sentient robot for stealing automatic teller machines
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Side Projects Quote Thread #46
EC #123 - If You Can't Score At Hedonism 2 You Can't Score Anywhere
"This person is, like, complaining about the kid's menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant." --JW Friedman
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Shell Game

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Side Projects Quote Thread #47
"They warned you it was going to be sexually explicit, they just didn't warn you it was going to be boring." -bumpgrrl
Salubrious Rex Dr. Buttplug SHAMBA~1.SBB chai tea latte


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  • beyond buildings and food
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Side Projects Quote Thread #48
Shell Game vampiresoftware


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Side Projects Quote Thread #49
Area Snow Leopard Loses Job
“Answer me these riddles three if it is seek that you Pepsi.” -chai
Salubrious Rex Shell Game