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March 04, 2024, 05:52:27 pm

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Topic: CTRL+V and post it  (Read 422611 times)

Frank West

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CTRL+V and post it #1515
The DanceTris mini-game is included and played using feet.
Shell Game Antivehicular


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CTRL+V and post it #1516
i may sound dump but i dont understand what i have to do at that point can u explain please.
Salubrious Rex Antivehicular


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CTRL+V and post it #1517
Oh crap, I just thought of a question. If Visk can eat souls, can they eat ghosts?
A Meat


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CTRL+V and post it #1519
I am a 34 y.o. full figured woman with a curvy figure. This spring, I did a BIG semi-soft poop in my sweatpants walking home from college. Here is my story:

My last class of the day wrapped up around 4PM. I had to go poo since 9AM that morning, I figured I could hold it and do it on my potty after I got home. As the instructor finished, I felt cramping in my butt and knew I would have to find a toilet soon. After the professor finished, I put my books in my book bag and got up and started walking out the classroom door and down the hallway with my bookbag in tow. Got into a hallway in the next building and felt a cramp and farted uncontrollably for 3 seconds and felt my poo trying to poke its way out of my butt. I clamped my butt cheeks down to keep the poo in. There were other students nearby some of who gave me a funny look when they heard and smelled my fart.

I continued walking and 15 mins later about 2 blocks from home the cramping got worse and worse and there was a sharp pain in my butt and then a large amount of semi soft poo came out of my butt hole uncontrollably into my pants. I froze and turned beet red as the poo filled up the seat of my panties. After it stopped, I touched my butt with my hand there was a big lump the size of a big cucumber and it STUNK to high heaven. I continued walking and noticed it was a little difficult to walk and my butt waddled slightly with all of the poo in my panties. While walking several chunks of poo got past the leg openings of my panties and rolled down the legs of my sweatpants and out onto the sidewalk. Several guys (early 20's) walked by on the sidewalk going the other way and they smelled my poo and one of them said "Did you see that woman? she shit her pants real bad." I went in the front door when I got home and went to the bathroom right away. Looked in the mirror just before cleaning up and poo worked its way to within an inch of the waistband and there were streaks of poo down my right leg from the poo that leaked out and rolled down my leg. Panties were in rough shape. My maxi was 80% covered. Clean up took a while. Went through several rolls of toilet paper.


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CTRL+V and post it #1520
коли набрехав в резюме, а тебе все одно взяли на роботу:

chai tea latte

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CTRL+V and post it #1521
I have these beautiful, talented Lovecraftian horrors who have reached some sort of prisoner’s dilemma agreement where they have decided to share and compromise with each other because it increases their standing with Me, the Stakeholder.  They hover around me like little drones, listening and remembering and planning and preparing.  They make promises like a business promoting its standard of excellence.  Your whims fulfilled in five minutes or less and if not we’ll make the experience ten times better, no other team in the city that can deliver that at this price.  They keep me warm and cozy and comfy and amused.  They beg me for more tasks, harder tasks, let me show you what I can do.  Have you seen that I can dance?  I learned to dance to impress women.  Watch me do it again but backwards in heels, in ice skates, you can go as fast as you want because we’re hovering nearby, ready to catch you.  Sometimes I look at them startled and say are you two doing the patriarchy on me?  I think you’re doing the patriarchy on me, and they say 🙂🙂.  Why think about it in those terms?  You’re happy, right?  You’re comfortable.  You have everything you want. 

Salubrious Rex

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CTRL+V and post it #1523
Delivering his annual threat assessment, the director general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has revealed he regularly speaks to overseas counterparts to urge them to stop espionage activities here, adding "and they usually do".
chai tea latte Dr. Buttplug