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June 05, 2020, 08:01:12 pm

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Topic: Episode 154: Witchyhow.com  (Read 8046 times)

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Episode 154: Witchyhow.com #30
From my experiences with new-age mysticism and a brief interest in wicca (which I gave up on because jesus christ there are so many rituals and stuff you're expected to practice when you practice wicca) It usually comes up a LOT that asking for specific things, especially things that would benefit you (such as a relationship with a specific person or gain of money) will result in monkey's paw style situations where getting the thing you wanted will result in some sort of tragedy, like the person you wanted to be in the relationship will be abusive or the money you gain will be through the death of a family member. Thinking back on it, while the main focus is on "make wishes for vague positive things to happen" and that's not inherently bad it also sets up this scenario where (a) if anything positive happens it can easily be attributed to being because you did those practices and if they don't happen you're easily convinced that it means you didn't do those practices hard enough, and (b) a lot of the mindset behind "if I wish for something specific it will make it happen through means I don't want" involves a lot of focus on the idea that the person making the wish is then to blame for anything horrible that happens, which is an interesting combination of self-centeredness and victim-blaming, because it assumes that X happens BECAUSE of you and is YOUR FAULT specifically.

Like, as a specific example, I remember being told a story by one of my martial arts teachers who was very involved in native american spirituality that he had a friend who wished for his mother to be cured of her alcoholism, and she then fell down the stairs and broke her neck and died, and that was supposed to mean his wish was "granted" because she couldn't drink when she was dead. Thinking back on it all I can think about is how horrifying it is that that man not only had the pain of his mother dying but was convinced he personally caused her death. Not like this is totally specific to new age stuff, of course, because I remember hearing from someone watching a documentary that there was a story from a prisoner who became a devout christian that when he was jailed his infant sons were killed and he took it as meaning that god had killed them to punish him.


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Episode 154: Witchyhow.com #31
I've only just started listening to this one and it's already making me laugh like I'm trying to dislodge a kidney. Man, pagans are great.


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Episode 154: Witchyhow.com #32
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