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February 15, 2019, 01:53:38 pm

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Topic: Forum rules/guidelines  (Read 2443 times)

jack chick

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Forum rules/guidelines
  • Do not post personal information of yourself that you are not 100% confident you want the entire internet having.
  • Do not post personal information of other users ever. Even if they are on the phone with you telling you to post it.
  • Do not make posts in which the only purpose is to attack another user.
  • Do not derail posts for the explicit purposes of attacking other users.
  • Do not post inline pornographic/explicit content, nobody wants to be surprised with that. If you do post pornographic/explicit content, use the nsfw tag.
  • User information acquired by this site will always be kept private, unless you do something so terrible that the authorities need to get involved.
  • The internet is not real life.
  • Do not take this place too seriously.
  • Do not take the internet too seriously.
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jack chick

  • he/him
  • Ridiculist
  • Metal tyrant from hell
  • 2,815
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Forum rules/guidelines #1
I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the above.


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Forum rules/guidelines #2
By the way, the above is now shown to all people on signup. Open up an incognito window with this link.
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