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February 23, 2020, 11:04:04 pm

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Topic: yo what's up  (Read 1337 times)

Tiny Prancer

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yo what's up
I've been away from the forum for a couple of months due to senior project drama and traveling with family, but things are finally starting to get under control, so I finally have time to let myself check out the forum again. So, what'd I miss while I was away? Any especially amazing bullshit happen? Any hot new problematic faves?

chai tea latte

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yo what's up #1
I think you might have missed Enhydra lutris' posts on SA, which are amazing. Jump to the quote and keep reading for more.

I am Sorry for not attending to this forum thread for three (3) days as I was awarded a Probation. The Probation Banner is a violent colour (magenta); it called me a Horrible Monster; it was upsetting and I am glad that it has been removed. I am not a Horrible Monster. As I was saying before I was interrupted by the Moderators, I would like to know the physical sensations associated with Sexual Intercourse via the Anus; I am asking this question on a Forum rather than in the World because it is rude and salacious and I am uncomfortable discussing such topics with those people that I Know; in fact I have a Homo-sexual of my own; He and I do not discuss such topics as Sexual Intercourse; Attraction; Physiology; it embarrasses me. I am writing a Piece on Homo-sexual Behaviour in Animals; it follows that I need to know the sensation of Sexual Intercourse via the Anus; namely whether it is painful; or whether it is pleasurable; because it seems unusual in an evolutionary sense that an Organism such as a Human Being would seek out painful stimuli without some sort of benefit; but Sexual Intercourse via the Anus cannot result in Reproduction. I have never engaged in this Activity; I have only had Sexual Intercourse via the Vagina; which I did not enjoy. The Vagina emits Fluids of a peculiar Texture (similar to Mucus) and Smell (similar to curdled Cream). I hypothesise that Sexual Intercourse via the Anus would be painful in the manner of severe constipation where the stool is large enough to distend the Anus; which is a similar mechanism and very painful; my Brother says that it is very painful; He states that it is excruciatingly painful; but he is not a Homo-sexual and is not experienced in Sexual Intercourse via the Anus and furthermore is often wrong; He says that He has inserted Foreign Objects (e.g. [for example] Condiment Bottles; Root Vegetables; Clarinets; Hair Brushes; etcetera.); he says that the Anus stretches to accommodate them; but it is possible that He is lying; so I am reluctant to trust him. I have never been a Homo-sexual. Many of You are Homo-sexuals and their Carers. Please inform my research by sharing your Opinions on this Topic; and if you are familiar with Homo-sexual Behaviour in Animals; please report your Findings and Observations; only Primary Knowledge please; there are many Sources of Secondary Research that I may draw on such as this Page of the Wiki Paedia. I am Interested in all Animals but primarily Mammals with a particular Focus on marine Mammals; including the Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus); the Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris); the Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus); and others Do not waste your valuable Time on accumulating Secondary Sources for Me; I already have them all; I am looking for Primary Data only.
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dear god

we've done it it's the completion of our journey of discovery on this internet
Smoking Crow, May 08, 2015, 05:35:49 am

Tiny Prancer

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  • please be more respectable to physics
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yo what's up #2
I think that was some of the last shit I saw before I cut myself off but I am glad to see it again because it's still hysterical


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yo what's up #3
greetings, tiny prancer


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yo what's up #4
I was wondering where you'd gone! Hope things have calmed down for you.