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July 15, 2020, 05:38:56 am

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Topic: SSL stuff  (Read 1227 times)


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SSL stuff
Couple things of limited importance.

So, for the last couple months, you've been able to go to https://thefpl.us instead of http://thefpl.us, but it was maintained as optional because on some browsers (mobile only, AFAIK) it would throw up a "this page is not secure!" warning. After putting the contribute page up, I was contacted by a listener who helped work through our problem. So visiting thefpl.us via HTTPS should always work fine (please please tell me if I'm wrong about this). This means that I might set it up so that when you go to the site in the future, it will automatically give you the secure version.

Ballp.it (running on the same server) has never had an SSL cert, one might be coming in the future, hopefully with less agony. If we do get SSL working on ballp.it, that will be a requirement right away because A. it's good practice when you're having people enter in un/pw and B.) there's some fun manifest ideas I could try if ballp.it was entirely https. I've been reading stuff about realtime web notifications and think it might be possible with the setup we have, or at least I want to try.

Anyway, nothing that really affects you right now, but stuff to know if you care.