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September 21, 2019, 01:15:56 pm

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Topic: Episode 92: We Don't Not Need No Uneducation  (Read 8263 times)


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Again, the whole point of Tumblrite attention-seeking is to Make Posts™. Isfahan, February 12, 2013, 02:45:25 pm

My theory is pity-mongery.  It's similar on the surface, but bear me out.

Ultimately, we all* want social interaction in one flavour or another.  Ideally, it should be positive social interaction.  An easy way to get that is to elicit feelings of pity and attendant "comfort" that follows.  (I used comfort as a verb, like you were playing one of those old Zork games:  comfort isfahan).

From there, it just self-reinforces.  More victimization gets more pity gets more comfort-flavoured social interaction.  I'm not sure this spiralling is really conscious, because it's just so patently ridiculous but there's enough examples of it out there that it's a real phenomenon.

I personally knew a man like that, who enjoyed nothing save playing online text-based roleplaying games, and parlayed these characters into MPD for the pity, and when that got played out, anted up with satanic ritual abuse, and when THAT started failing, started making up really disgusting medical conditions.  I don't know how that finished, he hasn't left much Internet spoor to track him by any longer.

Anyway, where this gets pathetic is with the kinda-weird highschool (and early college-aged) crowd, who haven't really anything more piteous than a love of fantasy to draw from.  That particular downward victimization-spiral results into such gold, like elven concentration camp survivor stories.

* near as matters, all of us, anyway.


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comfort isfahanAcierocolotl, February 12, 2013, 02:59:56 pm

Isfahan is comforted, and feels better about the life choices which led him to post obsessively about fake things on Tumblr. His were-cuttlefish kinfeels take over once more, but this time, instead of crying about it to anonymous strangers on the Internet, he simply basks in the simple warmth of manly, frot-free friendship.

Unfortunately, Great White is playing the nightclub in which you are currently sitting, and they have brought a lot of flashpots.

You scored 17 out of 682 points.


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Again, the whole point of Tumblrite attention-seeking is to Make Posts™. If you don't Make Posts™, you don't get attention, and nobody pays attention to someone who's content.
Just so you know, your post-per-day ratio is 11.
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« Last Edit: February 12, 2013, 07:56:19 pm by Isfahan »

One Of The Crappy Pokemon That Nobody Likes

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I think you both make excellent points, but there's another facet to Tumblr Social Justice Warriors. It's something that will undoubtedly be discussed when we record an episode on it*.

Part of TSJW culture is that you get to feel superior. It's not that you're trying to honestly make the world a better place. It's not trying to get people to stop using "gay" to mean "bad." It's not about encouraging people to write about nonwhite characters. It's not about telling women that their sex drives aren't evil demons that bestow the Curse of the Vile Slut on them for 9,999 damage.

It's about getting mad at an artist if the character they drew happens to be white. It's the joy of being the first to blow the whistle when someone says "no duh" in response to a statement of the obvious. It's about spontaneously deciding that telling people to bathe is ABLEIST and getting the chance to call in the cavalry when someone dares to say "no seriously, take a shower, people." It's about dinging someone a few points when they don't post a header saying "WARNING: THIS POST MENTIONS THE WORD 'MURDER'" It's being a part of the crowd when they decide to run someone out on a rail for quoting a movie that has a slur in the dialogue. It's wringing your hands about "appropriation" when someone who isn't black says "what's up?" It's getting worked up because one picture of a brown-skinned cartoon character is slightly lighter/darker than another picture of the same character, even if it's just a matter of different lighting in a given scene. It's about saying "butthurt" is a homophobic term.  It's about being outraged that someone would call a specific statement, story, song, or artwork "progressive" because it didn't have ENOUGH underrepresented groups.

Tumblr Social Justice is a game. The rules are: (1) whoever doesn't do anything even remotely objectionable comes out on top, and (2) whoever says anything about people needing to do something, or jokingly mentions death, or draws a brown person with a slightly different shade, or ANYTHING ELSE REALLY loses points and social standing. Then you get to be the high and mighty savior because you called them on it. You didn't make a joke about cutting a dude's head off with a chainsaw, BUT THAT GUY OVER THERE DID! HE SAID THAT! HE'S THE PREY NOW! 8DDD Then you get to tell yourself what a mighty, progressive warrior you are, and you get asspats and e-kisses from your peers. I mean what are they going to do, defend the transgressor? Of course not! Then they'll get dogpiled too!

The way Tumblr has twisted social justice is goddamned sickening. Social justice is a real thing that needs to be addressed by mature adults, and these kids have turned it into ridiculous little RPG where you scramble to keep all hit points you can. When you cry wolf that many times, you annoy people into ignoring important issues. When a friend yells at you because you greeted a friend with the term "dude," you file that away in your brain. The next time you might actually say something truly offensive, like purposefully misgendering a trans person as a joke, and if that same friend freaks out, you might just think "well yeah, but you freak out about EVERYTHING so this probably isn't a big deal either." THAT IS AN ACTUAL, DAMAGING PROBLEM CAUSED BY THESE TUMBLR KIDS, AND THEY'RE DOING IT FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL GOOD WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING MEANINGFUL.

So yes, I can see why they wanted to pounce on me for saying "cunt." Now they're perfect angels and I'm some gigantic turd. Oh but please, don't bother actually saying anything to me, kiddies. Just whine about it and bask in all that praise for your wonderful sensitivity.

* I have around 50+ links for such an episode, and it will probably happen once the headache of previous Tumblr-themed episodes wears off.
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Portaxx, I love it when you vent righteous anger.

It's absolutely a giant pissing contest.  The more oppressed points you rack up, the more seriously you're taken.  Are white cisgendered males the statistically least oppressed and most powerful group?  Yes.  But that doesn't mean they don't have problems.

It's a powerful, toxic mindset that gets let loose in echo chambers, and that's hell of dangerous.  When your business model is "Your problem isn't valid because someone else has a bigger problem", not only do you inevitably lose to some starving paraplegic kid in a third-world nation, but insecure people (who make up a good chunk of the SJ population) start downplaying their own issues because they're afraid of offending someone.  I spent a long fucking time in my life going "Oh, I was verbally and emotionally abused as a child, but it's not like I was physically or sexually abused" because of the insecurity stemming from that abuse.  By the time I figured out that the last dang' place you want to have a point system is victimization, I'd already lost far too much time grappling with inferiority and depression.  And that is the mindset that they propagate.

It's the most fucked-up backwards logic in the world, it honestly is.

Oh, uh...tw: abuse strong opinions italics I guess

Lady Naga

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Yes but can I exchange my oppression points for air miles?


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Portaxx, you hit it right on the nose with that post. Every time I see a post about the word 'stupid' being a form of ableist oppression, or people railing against The Hawkeye Initiative (portraying male comic book characters in female comic book poses to hilight the absurdity of them) because it's 'transphobic', I die a little inside. These people really are more in it for the thrill of the hunt and the desire to be some sort of overbearing paladins of what they percieve as social justice than they are interested in genuine, real-world solutions to social problems. Not even content with real problems, many of them have gone off to make up their own problems (multis, otherkin, etc), and have hijacked terminology from the LGBT movement to do it. These people are just that hungry for the sort of attention that the whole game gets them.

I'm also annoyed that they've hijacked the term 'Social Justice' to do so. Fuck them for diluting the concept to this sort of monster cock-retentive hypersensitivity.

I just can't wait for this generation of tumblerites to grow up. Seriously, that should cure them of this circle-jerk mentality, right?

... right?
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Lady Naga

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The only thing that'll make them grow up is if they'll ever have to face real oppression.


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Episode 92: We Don't Not Need No Uneducation #24
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