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February 18, 2020, 06:32:04 pm

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Topic: Document Workshop: Help others peoples' documents suck less  (Read 993 times)


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So ever since I submitted my Menly Men doc (about alpha males and RedPill sites), I couldn't help but realize how terrible it was. It's a long terrible mess, with some potentially great stuff that I just couldn't water down to the really good stuff.
Lately I've been thinking of completely getting rid of most of the first two parts and just sticking to the reddit craziness in the end, but - well, I feel like some of the stuff in the first half does have potential.
What I'm saying is - I need your guys' help because at current it's 66 fucking pages long.

Here's a link to the doc with "commenting" permissions for all:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Also, feel free to use this thread to submit your own requests for help with docs, so I don't feel like a singular failure.
Have fun!

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I made this doc because the site in question is just so fucking bizarre and dated, but my past docs have all been things that have short, discrete chunks instead of being the long-windedest motherfuckers on the internet like these people.

I just want advice how to edit some of these stories down, because it's nowhere near enough content to be 30 pages of document. Part of that is due to nineties-tastic formatting, but still.