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July 10, 2020, 02:58:14 pm

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Topic: Social Media is inherently weird.  (Read 745 times)


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Social Media is inherently weird.
So yeah, social media has begun to sketch me out more and more since I compared it's societal relevance to that of the development of suspension of disbelief that  came with the rise of the novel. It is a more effective way to get people to ignore reality by willfully ignoring the fact that all social media is an extremely edited version of reality. And yet, we (as a society) spend so much time there, and give it such outsize weight in its effect on the real world, that I can't help but wonder how much damage it is doing to our collective psyche as we all begin to ignore the inherent falseness and buy in to the illusion that every picture that is shown truly is casual shot that it was carefully constructed to look like, and that apparent lack of turmoil and flaws in both people and their daily lives are not simply a facade.

Because of this I have started to feel like rejecting social media at least in part, through regular and thorough purges of my "friends" based on a number of criteria. But I feel that such a rejection of the emergent social contract could have unforeseen consequences which could be detrimental in myriad ways. So I am hesitant to actually move forward with any of the plans that I have considered. Opinions?

Frank West

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Social Media is inherently weird. #1
I've never had a social media account, goodbye!
Sherman Tank