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August 10, 2020, 05:50:52 am

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Topic: 242: (Untitled Vaping Episode)  (Read 10113 times)


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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #15
I live in the UK and vapers are everywhere. I can think of like 3 vape shops within walking distance from me (it's even worse in London, but many things are worse in London.)

Nothing quite like walking through an exhaled liquorice cloud!


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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #16
To me vaping really seems like the most non-toxic, toxic thing to be invested in. It adds several slippery slopes into a 90° angled cliff. You've got a bunch of highly specific equipment with a lot of room left to tweak it. This appeals to the handyman in every dude, it's a dad tinkering with his car, but now it's a cool, tech cigarette.

Then you've got just about every flavor you can imagine. I was researching on a vape doc not long before this one was submitted and was astounded by the sheer amount of (steeply priced) options on display. This stinks of the CCG, mobile, whatever-you-wanna-liken-it-to, collectathon business model, where users are suckered into buying many different variants of more or less the same thing (as far as manufacturing is concerned, I'm sure). "Find YOUR perfect flavor", "You've gotta try them ALL!" and all that jazz. Every vape juice company I've encountered has picked up on this super hard.

Then you've got your good old internet echo chamber and, well, I don't need to explain how that works. All of these companies, in every part of the supply chain, have a vested interested in harboring a community built around user investment user generated content (find atomizer tweaks from this forum, share your custom flavor recipes on this forum). These are tried and true methods of ingraining your product into the identity of your customer, so that they can no longer separate you from them.

I don't care if you only vape non-nicotine E-liquids, you're still addicted in my book.

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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #17
There is a phrase that was coined on the Something Awful forums a while back which I think sums these guys up pretty well: "blowing a robot dick." If anything, this is the next evolutionary step before we reach peak sex robot!


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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #18
Did they steal it from True Detective or vice versa?

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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #19
It's SA so they stole it from some sort of popular culture reference.


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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #20


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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #21
You will all be glad to know that Smoking and Vaping are expressly forbidden in Canadian government buildings.
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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #22
Confession: I used to vape and even went to a convention in 2015.

I got a bunch of free shit and met some giant nerds. People totally will snob out if you don't "wick your own".

 Basically there's a little bit of cotton (JAPANESE OF COURSE) that sucks in the juice to the coil (which heats it up). Usually this bit of cloth gets burned out after a while depending on what kind of juice you use, what nicotine level you have and what heat you're running it at and some other bullshit. You end up with literal burnt flakes on your coil. Some people try and clean this shit off by soaking it in alcohol (this doesn't work).

Anyway, apparently TRUE vapers make their own coils because of course. Ive been to shops where dudes would show up with their little sets of wires and just kinda hang out making their coils and stuffing in the cotton themselves.

I saw a cloud competition. The people competing are exactly the dudes you're imagining in your head. They're also "true vapers" and you know that because they vape low nicotine juices like 1.5mg which exists mostly for these guys (most people quit ecigs around 6mg).

Also when I went (2015) there was a general air of holy shit the government is gonna take away our candy dick sticks please join/pay the dues for our advocacy group.

The worst is that people will pay $20 for 30ml of something that tastes like peanut butter and jelly and steampunk vapes exist.
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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #23

Lemon, February 04, 2017, 03:44:24 pm

These are saddest Dhalsim players ever
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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #24

Lemon, February 04, 2017, 03:44:24 pm

These are saddest Dhalsim players ever
znarf, February 10, 2017, 12:21:41 pm

you could call their life choices that led them there a real Yoga Catastrophe
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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #25

Lemon, February 04, 2017, 03:44:24 pm

These are saddest Dhalsim players ever
znarf, February 10, 2017, 12:21:41 pm

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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #26
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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #27
I just want to make a confession:
I use a vaporizer, my buddy uses a vaporizer, and the night before this episode was released, we watched vape competitions on YouTube and made fun of them because it's the dumbest shit ever.

Self-identifying vapers are just as bad as self-identifying gamers.

There's also a huge structural  overlap between "vape enthusiasts" and audiophiles that I'm surprised didn't get a mention in the wrap-up, too.

I would like to mention though, that vaporizers don't use water. They use a variable balance of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, abbreviated to PG and VG, where propylene glycol is a thinner liquid that carries flavor better than the thicker, more syrupy vegetable glycerin.

I used a vaporizer to quit smoking, and while it's not as healthy as not putting shit in my lungs, I don't have shortness of breath anymore, and, bottom line: it's cheaper.

Basically, to cut out all the bullshit:
I spent about 60 dollars on the vaporizer, and 40 on the tank. Assuming 5 dollars a pack a day, in a 30 day month I spent 150 dollars on cigarettes, so the vaporizer paid for itself in less than 3 weeks.

30 ml of juice is about 15 dollars at a local vape shop, but it probably isn't that good because it's usually thinned with purified water, which overheats, and you can get 100 ml for the same price online, which lasts more than a week, depending on your habits and coil resistance. 

Sub-ohm vaping, to me, only has the appeal of a higher "cloud" output because the density more closely resembles cigarette smoke, but I do get self conscious about how I look because of how stupid vapers are, and it's asinine to turn it into dick-wagging because a lot of it comes down to hardware.

A 1.2 ohm resistance coil produces less vapor than a half ohm coil because that's the basic fucking property of voltage and resistance. Personally, I prefer .5 ohm because the time between "firing" the vaporizer with the power button and vapor production is significantly shorter at lower resistances.

At 3mg/ml, I have to refill my 7ml tank once or twice a day, meaning it's about the same nicotine intake as cigarettes. I use ceramic coils (around 3 dollars a coil)  because traditional coils are steel wire touching a cotton "wick," while these are steel wire touching a ceramic tube touching a cotton wick, which means they last longer and don't take on a burnt flavor after a week. They're cheaper, essentially. I bought 10 in August.

The juice I use is 70%VG/30%PG because heat affects viscosity, and ceramic coils run hotter, so a higher vegetable glycerin concentration is necessary to prevent sucking the juice through the cotton and into your mouth. This will only burn you if you're a dumbass cloud chaser.

The airflow openings on a tank are useful for catering to how you inhale . "Wide open" direct to lung is for cigarette smokers, and smaller air flow mouth to lung is for cigar smokers, essentially.

Most of those guys don't even use nicotine (or flavoring), so that they can more easily inhale and exhale a large amount of corn mist and feel proud about something.

Good juice, to me, is something that doesn't make me feel like I'm huffing candles to get a buzz. It also shouldn't cost as much as fine wine.

As for safety, Li Ion batteries are only dangerous when they're used in an unsafe matter. The all-encompassing vague doom warnings are just liability against people who clean electronics with a relatively sharp knife and alcohol, and they don't reflect the real-world danger vaporizers pose, though the Galaxy Note 7 is a good reminder that shit happens.

Hopefully, this doesn't come across as white-knighting for an embarassing culture, but more as a little pamphlet for the day you'll have to explain, "No, I get it, and it's fucking stupid."

There were some misconceptions in the episode because of how insufferable "vape culture" is, and I don't think that the valid criticisms in the episode deserve to be treated as unfunny or ignorant should there be the highly likely scenario a vape master swoops in on his Goku cloud to decry the persecution of vapor flutes.

Also, someone please convince Warner Bros. to reboot Final Destination, if only for the scene where a vapor lord gets his mod shoved through his face by an air bag.

Edit: sorry for the long post, but I think this point of view was lost in translation.

And finally,
People have allergies. If your juice has a known common allergen, don't blow it in public. Don't even do it outside in public. Epi-pens are expensive, and you're a fucking asshole if you're blowing artificial cinnamon clouds all over the place without worrying about the well-being and rights of others. Even if it's a bar that allows smoking.

Cigarette smoke isn't a surprise variable in a lot of bars, but there are "generally-regarded-as-safe" flavoring additives that have the potential to kill someone, and members of society, no matter how few,  don't deserve the existential dread of accidentally inhaling an artificial flavoring they're allergic to.
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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #28
a very good post!
Chaymie, February 13, 2017, 12:20:31 am

Also, to assuage any accidental fears about one thing -- propylene glycol isn't the same thing as ethylene glycol. x3 It's a difference of one methyl group (a carbon and some tagalong hydrogens). Ethylene glycol is the stuff in antifreeze. Propylene glycol is pretty much safe, unless you chug a pure bottle of it or take a bunch of it in an IV or something. Or binge-drink a ton of some type of alcoholic drink that uses it as a solvent. As in, over three liters of such a beverage in one night.

(Sorry -- I just re-listened to an episode where somebody accidentally identified propylene glycol as antifreeze and it was picking away at me! ^^;;;;; Thank you for the very informative post, Chaymie, and congrats on quitting smoking! And thank you, too, for reinforcing caution about potential allergens. My family of folks with hyperactive immune systems salutes you. :B)


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242: (Untitled Vaping Episode) #29

Lemon, February 04, 2017, 03:44:24 pm

These are saddest Dhalsim players ever
znarf, February 10, 2017, 12:21:41 pm

FattyBoBatty, February 12, 2017, 02:09:35 am

hmmm... I think that one is a bit of a stretch
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