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September 18, 2020, 10:03:34 pm

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Topic: H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator  (Read 1540 times)


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H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator
Inspired by episode 274, I put together a source document of H.P. Lovecraft prose and plugged it into Botnik. This is the finished product, and I'm pretty happy with the results I'm getting:

The Sculptures
by H. P. Lovecraft

I have already published Danforth and the other things we brought away from the dead. The old alchemists and daemonologists of the great cold waste virtually disclosed an ample number of possible points, and that poor memory was now stripped of all imaginable shapes. It might explain that monstrous tangle of dark stone towers that connected the crazily sprinkled structures at McMurdo, or the elixir of eternal life which had so patently embodied the quality of five huge aëroplanes. The beings multiplied in the great outer walls, but on the lower levels were excellently preserved intact outlines of the great unknown. No wonder Gedney ran back to the camp shouting of the drill crew and the like!

"Can you not guess what we really found there?" he shrieked. "Fool! We found the likeness of the Archaean monstrosities! " All of the strange devices worked marvels on our ignorant eyes. Cobwebs and other natural objects including scientific instruments forced us to give Gedney up for lost. Later maps and diagrams were on the walls of a frightful gateway into forbidden spheres of dream and other incidentals which he threw into the face of his father. We crawled through the desolate summits and had a fresh resolution: the camp horror was now occupied with the work of the great elixir. We were now extinct.

With a shocking, unknown and primordial language, I succeeded in doing the most unlikely practices of the great temples. These fragments of discourse which i had kept up with all my soul had been responsible for centuries of a wild and rugged period in which the shoggoths grew upon the heart of the antarctic. These viscous masses had been responsible for the loathsome horrors which made our own hideously plain merits cling to the world behind flimsy walls of insufficient mammals. They hunted us with their hatred and with their decadent eyes, blacker even than the great reptiles that had helped us through the desolate summits. We wished to find their original plan, that monstrous book of their creation, the oldest methods of all earthly mystery. They had lived through cosmic infinity, and we were forced to face them in this unhallowed place.
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H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator #1
And then I put together HP Lovecraft and Harry Potter.  You're welcome.

Harry Potter and the Falling Masonry of Repugnance

The old chateau from its symmetrical and curious sense was now definitely lost to the outside. Indeed -- it seemed present in connexion with the founding fifty million years. Nowadays we had agreed to relay outside the Antarctic continent Ron and Hermione’s low flying furs. Fortunately neither of these things tended to be conical or pyramidal. They seemed disturbingly different to the Arkham tendrils of their creation.

"Objects are fragments of our perceptions,” Hermione grimly announced.

"10:05 p.m. before making any glimpses beyond conception,” Harry muttered.

They arrived at the boring journey which began hacking northwestward under the sculptures.

"The elder horrors were laughing at this planet diameters,” snarled Harry. He spoke like a fearsome and sulphurous Harry.  At length Hermione had a curious coincidence.

"Danforth,” Harry melted.

"All hands on land,” the sculptures suggested.

“Indescribable,” Ron eagerly confronted.  The muscular mountains floated in stygian disasters both unparalleled and ample.

"Fool,” said Hermione. "All the cosmic octopi who filtered down from unknown arabesques had been brought to the moat.” Aëroplanes screamed over them and into the hollow hills. Harry seized Harry’s Harry and Ron joined the sculptures in the background. Hermione snapped the indicated bones of Kadath.

"The sculptures told me that we would join them,” Ron said to a shapeless Pleistocene Lupin. They ate uncooked marine life with their wings.

"Offensive vividness,” said Lupin.

Harry could not escape the sculptures now. They extended endlessly over them all, changing tentacles into temporary snow. "It's quite likely that I shall be amphibian,” said Ron.

The antarctic cloud descended toward Harry. "Cloudy,” said Harry. It seemed to depress across him.

 Hermione watched it melt four settlements into bizarrerie and Hermione imposed upon them to prove completely any known methods. They faced blasphemies if they did not. The old chateau fell upon the sculptures and Harry realized that their usefulness belonged to the bulky occult.

"Don't laugh now,” Ron improvised. Gloom trembled amidst the snow and scribbled a message on Harry’s Harry papers. "All the cosmic niceties have inscriptions,” it read. Afterward, the abominable line became troublesome.

Titan towers without garments undoubtedly used the sea for their occasional monograph as Harry inferred mistakenly. The unfathomed austral soapstones mangled them all to bruised flooring from which they will always hopelessly colonise. This revelation reduced them to protozoa.