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July 07, 2020, 03:15:26 am

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Topic: in this thread we are smart people on youtube  (Read 7971 times)


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Naruto, the Self-Made Hypocrite
42 minutes and 12 seconds

edit: no, wait, ah fuck
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Hi, it's me, someone who made two animations on newgrounds twenty years ago. I want to talk to you about why the calarts style is bullshit. As you know, it is bad because now every cartoon show looks the same because if you look at the way people draw eyes and faces, they are similar between these two shows that have vastly differing art styles outside of this fact. The calarts style is the art style of the SJW. Real enlightened true animators like me only like animations made by abusive and unstable men, because they give us someone to constantly apologize for. Until next time gamers, just remember; Steven Universe is for SJWs and SJWs aren't people.


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in this thread we are smart people on youtube #47
Hi everyone it's the Furious Video Game Dork and I'm gonna shout about how SJWs are ruining (pulls slip of paper out of huge jar) A Boy and His Blob

Agent Coop Time!

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in this thread we are smart people on youtube #48
i put mayonnaise on the pizza as the sauce! Please subscribe to pizzachief710
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Hi youtube, today I'm going to McDonalds to try the promotional Avengers: Endgame Thanos McFlurry but first let me tell you how Disney RUINED Marvel and you just haven't realised yet.
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