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September 22, 2020, 03:48:11 am

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Topic: Tell me your name and favorite color and I'll assign you an f-list kink  (Read 11484 times)


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Are you still taking applications? Nick, red.

Corn Syrup

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Sam, Green.

(TIL there are a disproportionate number of people on here who go by Sam)
H.P. Corn Syrup, June 18, 2018, 01:23:57 pm
fight to the death with the other sams. there can only be one. here, i'll make it enjoyable for you.
Fighting / Wrestling
The act of physically sparring, either with malice or more playfully, with another character in an RP; typically non-sexual, although sometimes with the intent to pin the bottom or submissive in order to penetrate them.

Hux, June 22, 2018, 11:31:48 pm

"Lingerie does nothin' for me, but smacking bad guys makes me horny!"


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Are you still taking applications? Nick, red.
Spenny, June 24, 2018, 05:22:03 pm
i will not stop until every kink has been assigned.
that's right. these are the things i do for love.
The act of feeding a character by having them suckle a lactating breast, or receiving such actions.
Shell Game Spenny


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  • i'm have diarheha and a boaner
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Paul, blue-grey.
i'm sorry this took so long, here's something not terrible to start it up again.
Intercrural Sex
A form of non-penetrative sex done by inserting a cock between one’s thighs in order to achieve orgasm.

John, green.
aren't you that dude that writes books for 13-year-old girls?
Underage Characters
A situation in which at least one character involved will be under the age of 18.

floaty ghost

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Salubrious Rex

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Daniel and what I just learned is called krylon sun yellow.

Angora Gomorrah

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Name: Cat
Color: Clear


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