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July 15, 2020, 06:38:38 am

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Topic: 286: Topix Not Worth Discussing  (Read 3198 times)


  • some people's reactions such as the fuck,the hell,wtf, or what the hell
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286: Topix Not Worth Discussing #15
I really do love how classic internet this episode is. It felt like an episode from like 2010, like the two-part Juggalo episode or something, just a whole bunch of dumb yelling over the internet.


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286: Topix Not Worth Discussing #16
Echoing that old F-Plus sentiment, this one reminded me a lot of the YourOpenBook/Facebook one from way back in the day - just a whole load of crazy, incoherent rambling. Also, the mental image of that dude stumbling around in the cinema aisle while burning hot popcorn scalds his dick is the hardest I've laughed all year.
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286: Topix Not Worth Discussing #17

so many real stories from real people
and real nonsense by actual real people

these episodes are some of my favorite. everyone just diving into some fucking weird, gross, made-up bullshit and just having a good fucking time.

edit: wow! Alanis Morissette is sounding great these days!

final edit:
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286: Topix Not Worth Discussing #18
Listened to this one again today, and I really do have to reiterate: Lemon, I really DO listen for your song parodies. “It’s like your tEeEeAaAaChEeEeEerRrRr sitting on your dick in the toilet” is genuinely one of the jokes that has made me ugly laugh while listening. Thank you for your gifted parody skills.
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