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July 20, 2019, 03:27:51 am

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Topic: Episode 47 - How to Release a Podcast After A Year And A Half  (Read 693 times)

Shell Game

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Bonus ep! Back to our biweekly schedule next week.
Sherman Tankoid GirlKisser420 Darkly The Smoking Dad

Sherman Tankoid

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I just realized, a year and a half late, that I totally missed a chance to reference the one manga series I've read during the ice powers bit.


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WikiHow never consulted with me on how to sex a Turkey. I can tell you it doesn't take that many steps.
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I was ready for a lot of things from this episode but Club Penguin divorce speedrunning advice wasn't one of them
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How To Make Darkly Remember That Brokencyde Exists After Ten Years of Blissful Ignorance While Liking a Boy.
Sham bam bamina!