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February 25, 2020, 06:28:29 pm

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Topic: Yeah, well go tell YouTube he's a goddamn liar because NO I DID NOT.  (Read 1453 times)


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Google Now gets creepier every day. I love how now whenever I look up an address on Google Maps on my computer for the sake of figuring out if I'm going to get somewhere by bus in a week (or if I have to reserve a car or whatever), it starts giving me notifications on my phone about how if I leave right now I'll get there in 45 minutes.

I haven't had it do any YouTube recommendations yet but that doesn't surprise me either.

I bet if I stored my contact information on Google's servers it'd be telling me about whenever someone in my address book has checked in at a restaurant nearby. Yeah because that totally doesn't facilitate stalkers at all. (Maybe it's a little far-fetched but it was "connect to [blah]" behavior on Google Plus that made me set up my own CardDAV server in the first place. The last straw for me was when it suggested that I connect to my grandpa - who had died a year before G+ launched - because both myself and my cousin had him in our address books.)


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I'm actually pretty certain I've completely managed to confuse both Google and Facebook when it comes to recommending me stuff. My search history etc. is such an eclectic collection of weird Internet cultures, stuff related to work and stuff I've had to do for my parents I actually look forward to what the Internet thinks I might enjoy. It's almost never anything I actually like, mind you.


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You lot seriously need Dickyjuice to help out with this.