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July 05, 2020, 06:41:01 pm

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Topic: i ramble about my characters while drawing.  (Read 515 times)


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i've decided to say FUCK YOU to my insecurities about my rambling and how i mix phrases up and decided to start talking about me my characters on the internet.
so i'm starting a series of videos about it.
there are timestamps in the video description and if you're actually interested in watching it, i'd recommend speeding it up a bit. it's also just funny to hear my voice sped up.

i don't know how many people would care about this unscripted rambling but it feels good to put it on the internet, finally.

in this video i do a lot of namedropping of makoto who does not have a lore video posted yet so i realize it may come off as confusing. however if you've seen my posts in the art thread over the past few months you might've seen some of the lore between makoto and lance which would clear that up a bit. but i feel like people probably just look at the pretty pictures and skip over the word salad text i put below them.

i hope this interests some people and generates some discussion about character design, i'd love critique as well. although i feel like i do acknowledge almost every existing issue with his character so far.

also, now you can hear for yourself that i talk how i type.

i'll post updates in this thread as they come up, i guess. i still need to decide which character to talk about next.