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February 22, 2020, 10:04:01 am

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Topic: Musical Missed Opportunities  (Read 491 times)


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Musical Missed Opportunities
A thread for you to express your opinion on missed opportunities with regards to the choice of bumper music on various episodes.

Probably the biggest one in my mind was Episode 150: Snoot By The Foot not making use of the Frank Zappa classic Stinkfoot

One that ended up being acknowledged in the comments of a later episode was the lack of the Ween song Flies on My Dick for Episode 95: Why Crush A Bug When You Can Ruin It Emotionally?

This final one is understandable, as the song did not exist when the episode first came out, but if the podcast ever revisits the subject of ghosts fuckin' it better include Neil Cicierega's Bustin'

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