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July 15, 2020, 06:05:57 am

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Topic: ATTN ALL: The Lesbiathan & Shell Game are the best.  (Read 833 times)


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I don't know how your week's going, but I just got surprised by this in the mail.

GirlKisser420 Agent Coop Time! Wrought chai tea latte Shell Game Ugly In The Morning SHAMBA~1.SBB Achilles' Heelies Vinny Possum Frank West Adam Bozarth ViviVixen Mr. Hunky Academia Dr. Buttplug Spenny Bobguinary Novel Jennergy

Shell Game

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Shucks. I'm so glad you both like it. We had hoped to have it done sooner to go with the other 10th anniversary gifts but it was better not rushed.
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