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September 18, 2020, 01:33:02 am

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Topic: I read stupid comments on Family Circus comics  (Read 447 times)

positive stress

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I read stupid comments on Family Circus comics
the first one

the second one

I don't know shit about making videos but I think they're pretty good. maybe you will too
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Shell Game

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bumping because anyone who hasn't seen these yet really needs to... god they're still so good. stress really does a great job highlighting these commenters
Secret Gaygent 69 Great Joe sambair

Secret Gaygent 69

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Thanks for making these positive stress! They were some really funny videos. I gave a quick look at today's family circus comments, and they are as bad as ever, and now Jasper has the super racist cleveland indians mascot as an avatar. I feel like there are just a lot of deeply broken boomers who post in these comments.
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I missed this thread when it first showed up, this sounds amazing.