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July 02, 2020, 10:46:57 am

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Topic: Things You Like to Do and Why  (Read 310 times)

Bobguinary Novel

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Things You Like to Do and Why
It's a question that stems from some real broke existential brains, but I'm very curious to know what users of ballpit like doing in their free time, and why they like to do it. Doesn't need to be as earth shattering as using CRISPR to cure cancer, nor the reason you do something super deep, just very curious what y'all are up to.  It can be "I like playing video games because it's relaxing" or the like.

Since it's unfair to ask an open question like that and not contribute, I can at least answer these:

Printmaking - There are a lot of reasons why it just jives well with me. One, it's a process with a very solid structure, but allows for flexibility. Like you have to use specific levels of acid and gum arabic for lithography, depending on the detail and medium used. There are specific right answers to get the perfect etch, but you can also fuck it up on purpose, and that will still be good too! And the process of printing itself is very meditative, no matter what medium. Flooding a screen and printing, rolling up ink, graining a litho stone and getting HELLA BUFF - paired with some music, the eternal background noise fades for just a moment and things seem to line up correctly.

Secondly, printmaking as a medium can reject being a commodity. You, as the artist, can purposefully make your prints "worthless" by creating an open or huge edition. Since you can print so many, it allows normal people to buy art and have it in their home at an accessible price. You can't control the art market after it leaves your hands, but you can sure fuck with it if you want. Or you can be Banksy and be a real dick, if you want.

It's a really democratic, community kind of art. The presses are often far to expensive to buy on your own, and take up a ton of space, so many print artists share the same studio equipment and costs. It's good shit.

Stardew Valley - When I had turbo sadbrains, I love playing this for hours upon hours. The music's great, the game's great, and for a few hours I get to explore the fantasy of having control over life. Also, I can't remember the specific article, talked about how Stardew was a game of positive nihilism - there is no right answer to the game. You could let your farm go fallow and just sit around for two years talking to people, but that's fine. Like you don't get the neat prize at the end of two years, but life goes on. There's no game over, no real consequences, nothing. It's just nice to live that fantasy, even for a little bit.
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Things You Like to Do and Why #1
I've been gm-ing a starfinder campaign for my friends, which is fun because I get to plan out all these small character beats and mysteries for them to interact with, and also fun because of how often things go completely off the rails. I also try to go to the gym, I just find it really fulfilling to be tired and know the exact reason why
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