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January 15, 2021, 11:35:03 am

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Topic: Episode 101 - Shall I Compare Thee to a Filthy Perv?  (Read 343 times)

Shell Game

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  • Please share cool pictures of dragons.
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chai tea latte Lemon Great Joe Secret Gaygent 69 Ghoulymede three cats in a self-driving car Salubrious Rex

positive stress

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My lady, my lady
Your tits drive me crazy!
With nipples galore
But I wish there were more!
The more nips, the better
I'm harder, I'm wetter

O, that the Lord above
Had made you in the image I love
A dog, or a cow, or a cat, or a sow
With multiple rows, and maybe shaped like toes
For nipples are wonderful, my darling dear
But what if they were just a little bit weird?

Look, don't get me wrong
They've been fine all along
But what if your nipples
Were shaped like my dong?

Don't look at me like that!
Why are you always mad
When I tell you my kinks?
That's just not fair, methinks
All I'm saying is it wouldn't kill you to get reconstructive nipple surgery once in a while, Linda
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positive stress

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Sorry I blacked out I don't know where that post came from
Shell Game Wrought Hoffgod Dragon Friend Salubrious Rex

Salubrious Rex

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Holy crap I want to see fan art of J'iz-Bhut'tung (sorry for spelling, Eroticism isn't my first language) the Drow.
Immoral Filth