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October 01, 2023, 08:19:59 am

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Topic: 383: What Is The Meaning of Song?  (Read 2644 times)


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383: What Is The Meaning of Song?
Salubrious Rex oscaruglyface Shell Game


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383: What Is The Meaning of Song? #1
I was wondering if anyone was gonna bring up Pop Muzik and I wasnt disappointed, but now I want a Mmmmpop remix


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383: What Is The Meaning of Song? #2
had to pause the episode to listen to stinkfist
Great Joe Lemon chai tea latte Salubrious Rex

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383: What Is The Meaning of Song? #3
had to pause the episode to listen to stinkfist
LINDA, February 06, 2023, 11:10:37 am
are they any good?

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383: What Is The Meaning of Song? #4
Now I keep thinking about Fuck The Pain Away. It's been like a decade since I last had this problem.


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383: What Is The Meaning of Song? #5
I checked in on an F Plus favorite.

This song is very clearly about a guy (probably a pimp) who falls in love with a high end prostitute.
Why prostitute?
Because the guy has to "bag it up" (put a condom) as he has sex with a girl he's love with. Why would he feel he HAS to bag it up, unless she's a hooker? When I'm having sex with my gf, I prefer not wearing a condom. I never feel I HAVE to have a condom. He does. Because she's a hooker and he doesn't want to get an STD.

"catching feelings is a no" is another reference to STDs. It's true that catching feelings can mean falling in love or becoming infatuated with someone but it's rarely used. It gotta be an intentional reference to catching something. Being caught (like by the police) and catching something (like an STD) is a common concern for a hooker, which is expressed by the girl this song is about.

"Shorty Bang Bang"
This is pretty self explanatory. I think it's possible this prostitute is Asian, because this is how Asian hookers speak. "Bang-Bang baby???"
When it's in the context of the rest of the song, it's obviously a reference to a prostitute.
"you gotta pay to play, just for 'shorty bang-bang' to look yo' way"
So she's a high end prostitute ("she got class and style") who's street name is bang-bang or 'shorty bang-bang' and she's "working it."
And when she's working it, you gotta "bag it up" (put a condom).

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383: What Is The Meaning of Song? #6
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383: What Is The Meaning of Song? #7
Yes!  Amazing episode!

I was surprised noone pointed out that in the comments for Antichrist Superstar, they got Philadelphia Eagles to renounce his faith and become an atheist.

How it started:
the only destination for manson and the rest of you anti-christs is eternal misery in hell
Philadelphia Eagles on June 14, 2004

How it's going:
yeah, I was an ass back than. And people who don't know shit from shit are still bashing me on it.
i'm not even a fucking christian anymore. So shut the fuck up you cunts
Philadelphia Eagles on April 12, 2005

A couple more personal highlights from the doc:

Aliens Exist - Blink-182
this song is about when aliens fly into your but             
ohUknow on April 25, 2002

Old Town Road (Remix) - Lil Nas X
The narrator is a cad, a miscreant and a knave in all respects.
NomadMonad on January 13, 2020

Windowlicker - Aphex Twin
The video is pants and the song is shit.
Ramagamma on April 17, 2003

Yankin' - Lady
Classy and elegant "ladies" are great bed when drunk.             
Nutmeg388 on August 03, 2011