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September 26, 2020, 07:13:48 pm

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Topic: Imari, greatest man  (Read 9949 times)

Zsa Zsa

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Imari, greatest man
A little soundbite I recorded. <- now with working link!

Imari is a bit of classic internet and has been referenced on the podcast before, and a while back I remembered that in a dusty old folder on an old hard drive I had a few bits of his writings which might be good for a chuckle. You can read the document I was putting together here. The funniest part is his game design doc, which is both insane and utterly charming. The apocalypse story has a great ending, too.

The man himself is a freelance game designer, author and filmmaker. He also has a few pathways in his brain a bit tangled up, which combined with his ferocious energy (and a budget provided by rich parents) produce some wonderful works of outsider culture. Like this film, Freedom Man 2026 (or is it 7? Or 8?)

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gee golly gosh

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Imari, greatest man #1
I like Imari's definition of realism as applied to video games.

Also to make it even more realistic the female's breasts should bounce up and down in a realist movement every time they move. Sort of like Dead or Alive series. Also in windy spots the character's hair should blow as well.


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Imari, greatest man #2
Apparently the reason people don't put everything possible in a game is because it just didn't occur to them to do so.


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Imari, greatest man #3
Mocking the great Imari "Imarea Awesome" Stevenson? For shame.

Are you all nothing more than a group of loser.coms?


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Imari, greatest man #4
Greatest line-reading of all time, at 2:27: "What in the world. Miss Jato(?) [unintelligible] is operating on it's own, how is it possibly doing that." "And more importantly, where it's going."

Sherman Tank

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Imari, greatest man #5
Whatever happened to this dude?


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Imari, greatest man #6
I feel like this one line sums up everything you need to know about Imari:

Imari's not like typical young boys. Imari is far different than any other boys.

Corn Syrup

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Imari, greatest man #7
We can't forget the magic of the novel he released with its own soundtrack.


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Imari, greatest man #8
I went through hell and high water with some of the worst sellers I've ever had to deal with on Amazon for a complete copy of that thing and ended up having to settle for just the book.  If anyone here has the CD, I will pay through the goddamn nose for it.  I will blow John Toast for that thing if I have to.


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Imari, greatest man #9
Corn Syrup Sherman Tank SHAMBA~1.SBB


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Imari, greatest man #10
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