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January 24, 2020, 11:43:16 am

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Topic: Least likeable subjects  (Read 10801 times)


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Least likeable subjects
So the recent MRA episode got me thinking: What F+ subjects do people find the most hatable?

There have been a lot of off-putting, disgusting and generally uncomfortable people featured on the podcast (Bug-fuckers, adult babies, Supernatural fans) but I really can't say that I actually hate any of those types of exhibits. They may make my skin crawl but I can't say I'd actively wish ill on them: They're just people with weird fetishes and no conversation filter.

No, the only exhibits I can say that I genuinely hate are the ones that are actively sexist, racist or just otherwise bigoted and hateful. Things like the MRAs, the PUAs, the crazy Mexican haters and our friends at Conservapedia are the only ones that I can say I legitimately think are bad people.

What about you guys?

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Least likeable subjects #1
Tumblr asexuals/gray-a people/anyone who's into that whole lexicon of bullshit. They just make me ridiculously mad, because they're grasping at the tiniest straws to try and make themselves miserable so they can be noble suffering heroes against the world.
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Least likeable subjects #2
It's a toss-up between PUAs and the rampant xenophobes. I'd throw the Conservapedia folks in there, too, but their grasp on reality is so laughably incompetent that they don't feel nearly as threatening to the well-being of real people as anybody in the other two groups.

As a bonus round, the Escapist forumites and TV Tropers are really hard for me to listen to because they are irritating on a deep and fundamental level for me, since I'm way too familiar with both of those sites.


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Least likeable subjects #3
I don't rank irritating subjects, but video game forum commenters are that malnourished kind of stupid that I simultaneously like and dislike. They are a bit like dumb puppies, except they roll in their own shit and are prone to misandry.

(Also Matthew Moulton is the #1 least likeable subject, but you didn't hear that from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)


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Least likeable subjects #4
TV Tropers and misogynists, I'd say, because it seems like... willful cuntery, rather than just some sort of fundamental broken thing in their heads that I can pity.


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Least likeable subjects #5
I had to pause the demon otherkin one because it was the first time I heard of someone whining about being oppressed and victimized in his past life, mixed with having some sort of father/son incest kink and reservation of female pronouns as some sort of intimate act.  It was this weird, sludgy mix of stupid that I had to digest for a moment before continuing with the episode.

The first half of the adult baby one just infuriated me, though.  "Milking your sissy clit for cummies" is a phrase I wish I could unlearn.


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Least likeable subjects #6
I agree with KingKalamari entirely. It's difficult for me to be angry at the Tumblr asexuals, despite their misrepresentation of a characteristic I have, because it seems as though most of those people are trying to navigate through a confusing time in or aspect of their lives and, for whatever reason, use popular television series as their compass. (In fact, I have a whole miniature essay explaining my hypothesis of the root causes of the Tumblr asexual mentality [and those causes aren't all persecution complexes], but I'll save it for the person who asks to see it.)

But yes, the genuinely hateful people, in my opinion, are the only ones who deserve contempt in return. Virtually all the other subjects on The F Plus are either just whiny and self-absorbed or open about proclivities that, while probably best if locked up in the dark, are most likely inconsequential. (One does, however, have to pity the insects that fell prey to the entomophiles' lust.) What makes Episode 103 a frequent listen for me is that it consists of men--and one woman--excoriating other men for hating women. I suspect that that was the actual reason why most of the submissions of that topic came from women: they wanted to bask in a sorely needed verbal pummeling of male chauvinists.

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Least likeable subjects #7
Send me your essay. I wish to know!

The MRA episode I found so absurd that I had trouble believing anyone outside of a mental hospital really holds the opinions these guys do. Maybe I'm still in shock, who knows. For me though, it's the multiples and the unschoolers that get my blood boiling. Even though I contributed content to the multiples episode, it's the only one I can't listen to.


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Least likeable subjects #8
I agree, show us the essay!

But yeah as far as least likeable things, I've really nothing else to add that hasn't already been said in this thread. Though Even Nonsense was an unpleasant episode as it made me as angry as I was confused. There's something about that kind of narcissism (or narcissism in general) that really makes me angry. I may just be a petty person though, who knows.


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Least likeable subjects #9
Dude, I don't do hate, it's bad for my karma.

That being said, I have a vehement dislike for subjects that are actually harming other humans with their shitty opinions. Unschoolers come to mind (just vaccinate your baby you cunt!), but watersnobs are also particularly aggravating to me, since I've got a huge issue with people trying to transform basic human necessities into some sort luxury goods. I bet the watersnobs would buy premium canned air too, should somebody start selling that.
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Least likeable subjects #10
I haven't hated or disliked any of the featured writers so far.  There's usually a complete split where I'm either really entertained by them or I feel really bad for them.  The MRA episode didn't bother me at all, since those people are already punishing themselves by letting those dumb opinions ricochet around the inside of their skulls.  The resulting damage from that nonsense is a life spent being out of touch with reality or the inability to connect with others.  Possibly both.

Occasionally a man reaches a point where being himself is its own punishment, and I couldn't imagine anything worse than that to wish on him, even if I wanted to.
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Least likeable subjects #11
As bad as the MRAs were, the PUA episode (though really, there's probably a lot of overlap between the two) is the most infuriating for me.  I can never make it through the episode in one sitting, especially because one of the posts is a guy bragging about how he raped someone at a party.


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Least likeable subjects #12
What makes Episode 103 a frequent listen for me is that it consists of men--and one woman--excoriating other men for hating women. I suspect that that was the actual reason why most of the submissions of that topic came from women: they wanted to bask in a sorely needed verbal pummeling of male chauvinists.
Xenomantid, June 26, 2013, 09:34:02 pm

Precisely. I know that a major reason for my submission of the document is that humor is one of the best ways to break down harmful opinions into something biodegradable.

I don't really hate anyone that gets read-- most of them are just too self-absorbed for me to really dislike them.  I reserve my contempt for people who have enough self-awareness to know better.

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Least likeable subjects #13
Honestly, pretty much everyone featured on The F Plus is downright lovable compared to the creeps that Lou reads.


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Least likeable subjects #14
The first episode of Lou Reads that I heard was the Dick Flash episode.

I... think I'm gonna stick with the F+ for the time being.