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March 22, 2019, 02:20:48 am

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Topic: Completely pointless Thought Of The Day thread  (Read 187825 times)

Small Purge of my Angry Sherman Tank

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Holy crap, there's a way that you can buy Girl Scout cookies online and still get the satisfaction of buying them from an individual Girl Scout!


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Hello everyone, I'm Max Landis. Could Carly Rae Jepsen... be a furry? Let's take a look.

"You're stuck in my head, stuck on my heart, stuck on my body, body
I wanna go, get out of here, I'm sick of the party, party
I'd run away
I'd run away with you

Is Carly here, on her opening song to her album EMOTION, be complaining about a mascot head stuck on her head? A fursuit stuck to her body? She sings it with such passion, she must really be into this. She wants to get out of the furry rave party, a clever reference to the yiffy poet of the people, SquirrelFox and his epic "The Party". She wants to run away, run away with me. I have been full time living as the horse from Bojack Horseman for about two years now and I believe I can at last understand what Carly means by this. She wants us to gallop through the city, free, and she promises to find my horse lips "in the street lights".

Anyway, this has been Max Landis. I think I've got to go jerk off honestly. Shrug!
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Dunesbury, the long-running political cartoon series about politics under the rule of the Padishah Emperors
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There's a significant portion of the population whose entire understanding of computers comes only from using their smartphone which has the system font set to papyrus and every single app has a banner ad at the bottom.
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A Meat

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tonight on 60 minutes: What ever happened to Chess Piece Face?
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A Meat

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Thomas the tankie engine
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Thomas the tankie engine
A Meat, February 17, 2019, 12:15:33 am

Sir Toppham Hat leading the white army from exile in the hundred acre wood.

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assassinating donald trump so people listen to your mixtape

Dr. Buttplug

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When you're riding a horse, are you in the saddle or is the horse in the saddle?

Ragnarok Boobies

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When you're riding a horse, are you in the saddle or is the horse in the saddle?
Dr. Buttplug, February 18, 2019, 01:50:23 pm
Depends on the forum.


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"please, MISTER Blaster is my father"

A Meat

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Isabelle Pepper
Dr. Buttplug

Mr. Hunky Academia

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When Kissinger dies I'm gonna log on to twitter and type "he taught me it was okay to be weird"
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My F-List faves:

Orgasm Denial
Orgasm Anger
Orgasm Depression
Orgasm Bargaining
Orgasm Acceptance
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Website idea: Fiverr, but instead of goods and services offered for five dollars, it's for one hundred dollars. Mostly I just want to see what people would try to sell. unfortunately benjam.in and frankl.in are both taken.