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August 03, 2020, 07:35:48 am

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Topic: Post your dad jokes  (Read 3893 times)


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Post your dad jokes #15
You guys hear that one of the dudes from Chicago released a B Sides compilation?
It's called Et Cetera

chai tea latte

  • holy shit is that kurt cobain
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  • is that a fucking bear?
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Post your dad jokes #16
What's a Leninist's favourite insurance company?

What about a Maoist's?
State Farm.

Okay, an ancap's?
Agent Coop Time! Chaymie Runic

positive stress

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Post your dad jokes #17
Why didn't the Minecraft skeleton go to the Minecraft school dance?

He had no "body" to go with.


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Post your dad jokes #18
Man, Sisqó's new NPR program is surprisingly informative.

I didn't think I'd learn so much from All Thongs Considered.

Goose Goose Honk At Me Now

  • Can I offer you a Lorna Doone?
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  • You have a very flexible torso.
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Post your dad jokes #19
Why can't you email files to a Jedi?

Because all attachments are forbidden.
Liatai I Liked That Joke chai tea latte Chaymie Spooks